Microsoft finally adds name to Swiftkey after 4 years of acquisition

Microsoft finally adds name to Swiftkey, 4 years after acquisition

Microsoft finally changed SwiftKey to Microsoft Swiftkey. The Redmond Giant decided to add its name, four years after acquiring the app.

The latest beta version release of Swiftkey shows how the giant tech company finally decided to insert its name to the app.  The decision came quite longer than most people did not even have any idea that the app is Microsoft’s.

Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard notable changes

In the most recent update of the Swiftkey, users noticed some minor yet visible changes. The difference comes noticeably on the users’ home screen.

When upgrading to the latest beta update, users will notice the home screen name for SwiftKey now comes as Microsoft SwiftKey. However, the Play Store will keep the former name of the app.

Another significant display of change can be seen through Android’s recent app window view. The view lists the SwiftKey as Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard added features for Android

The updated name of the app can also be seen in the settings of the menu app found on the sidebar. The beta updated version of Swiftkey also features the spacebar with the full name phrase Microsoft Swiftkey written on it.

Microsoft, however, told the Swiftkey users not to get overwhelmed by the changes that they see. The Redmond tech giant assured the public that Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard is the same publicly known and loved the keyboard.

Emojis not spared by the Coronavirus

Aside from the multiple displays of its new name, Microsoft SwiftKey Beta keyboard also added some special features. Android 10 users will get the chance to experience and enjoy the added support for Emoji 12.0.

Android 10 users that installed the latest beta version of may take advantage of the Unicode’s Emoji 12.0 update. A new set of animals and characters is joining the emoji fun.

Emoji 12.0 users may start enjoying animals such as otter and flamingo. The savory experience of oyster, waffle, and falafel is within Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard users as well.

In addition, mixed-skin-tone couples and emoji-like gender-exclusive are available. These come along prosthetic or robotic arms, guide dogs, and even hearing aids.

For users who want to get the first-hand experience of the Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard, it is downloadable via Google Play Store. The Emoji 12.0 on Android 10 devices can be enjoyed upon downloading the keyboard from APK Mirror as well.

For Microsoft customers using SwiftKey as their primary keyboard need not worry about the upgrade to Microsoft SwriftKey Keyboard. The Redmond giant clarified that it is not stripping the app of its original parts.

Image courtesy of Bang Dude/Flickr

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