‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ will have a 10-disc physical media


Microsoft Flight Simulator will have some sweet physical merch for the game. The upcoming title will have as many as 10 discs, together with a printed manual.

As Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most premium games out there, fans are clamoring. The inclusion of the physical disc is a deal that hardcore fans would love. What makes the package better is a full manual that beginners can use.

MS Flight Sim will use 10 discs

Back in 1982, the first MS Flight Sim came out one a single 5.25-inch diskette. The 360 kb game was ahead of its time, and players back then can have it simple. All they had to do was to pop in the disk, and they’re good to go.

38 years later, the latest 2020 version of the game will still come on physical media. Even at the age where everything is digital, a physical version is still something players welcome. This process will also be much more convenient, considering the size of the game.

The upcoming MS Flight Sim 2020 will be at least a whopping 85GB on optical media. The entire game will come on 10 optical discs, likely DVD or Blu-Ray. Aerosoft, the game’s official retail partner, will handle the physical media publication.

Physical versions of the game are useful for people who don’t have good internet connections. They’re also superb for those who love collecting physical media. The package looks beautiful too – enough for anyone to put it in a collection.

MS Flight Sim 2020 will come with a full manual

Together with the 10 discs, Aerosoft will also be giving away full printed manuals for the game. What makes the new physical Microsoft Flight Simulator weird, however, is the size.


According to Microsoft, the recommended hard drive space for the entire game is 150GB. At 85 GB, the Aerosoft version will likely have a few things missing. Even if compression goes into consideration, the math still doesn’t add up.

Aerosoft gave off a few things that the discs will have once it ships off. First, the simulator code itself will come with a physical disc. This code seems to be the smallest part of the entire game.

The discs will also have the “world and aircraft delivered by Microsoft.” This second mandatory content will be somewhere between 85 – 90 GB. There are also optional online streamed content and third-party files for the game.

“When you install, the sim will updates all files immediately form the servers and you will get the very latest code for the simulator itself and all content is updated,” said Mathijs Kok, an Aerosoft forum admin. “This is very much a simulator that depends on the cloud if you want to use it to its full potential.”

The Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available for everyone on August 18. The beta for the game itself will kick off starting July 30.

Images courtesy of Microsoft/Youtube Screenshot

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