‘Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020’ is the new ‘Crysis’

'Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020' is the new 'Crysis'

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is now the PC gaming world’s new Crysis. While the game is well-optimized, current-gen CPUs can’t give 4K60 on high or ultra.

Microsoft recently released its much-awaited Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It’s a great game, with fans of the sim genre taking flight left and right. Even then, the title is a specs hog, with no CPU able to run the game on 4K 60 FPS on ultra.

MS Flight Sim is becoming the new benchmark title to test CPU viability. Much like how Crysis pushed devices to the limit, MSFS is now putting PC to shame.

“Can it run Crysis?” started benchmarking games

For years, the question “Can it run Crysis?” was a cheeky in-joke for PC players. For those who didn’t grow up with the joke, it references the FPS title Crysis. The game, with its graphic fidelity, pushed CPUs to the brink of collapse.

For years in the late 2000s, PCs didn’t have enough power to run Crysis on full settings. Crysis was both graphics and CPU-intensive, and it took at least 5 to 10 years until people can run Crysis in full.

While the entire question was tongue-in-cheek, many PC players take it to heart. Crysis became a benchmarking game in the late 2000s. The practice still happens today.

For example, Tech YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips use DOOM and Tomb Raider to benchmark. It allows them to show the hidden flaws of a specific CPU or GPU. Now, MS Flight Sim 2020 is the likely gold standard.

MS Flight Sim 2020 can kill an RTX 2080 Ti

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 uses rich, realistic graphics. It also does live AI models of the world as players fly around it. These features mean the game needs a ton of computing power—much of it not available right now.


Many players complain about the game, not because it’s bad, but because of how intensive it is. It doesn’t help that the game doesn’t like using more than four cores, so modern CPUs don’t work. Player reports say their RTX 2080 Ti can only run the game in a mixed medium/high settings.

Reports also say that a 5.0 GHz overclocked i9-9900K CPU can only muster 30 – 50 fps. With 16GB RAM, a 2080 Ti @ 1440p, the game worked on high when streaming. Without streaming, players would likely get up to ultra with these settings.

Even then, reports show that they’re disabling tons of features to help performance. Tests show features like Photogrammetry Texture Streaming stay disabled. 16GB RAM also stutters, which means players would need at least 32GB to play.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is the new Crysis. With the game being two generations ahead of the current curve, it’s going to push hardware to the next stage.

Images courtesy of Microsoft Flight Simulator/YouTube Screenshot

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