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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ closed beta adds nine new planes


The Microsoft Flight Simulator launch is coming in fast, and fans are getting more content. The new closed beta adds as many as nine aircraft and robust TrackIR support.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest iteration of the much-beloved flight sim title. With Asobo Studio handling the development, fans can only expect good things. So far, the game is pushing in as much content as possible to prep for the August 18 release.

Closed beta update adds new planes and bush trips

The new closed beta for the game added a ton of content not present to the alpha test. The supply of granular updates are not only exciting, but it also makes it more compelling. Even if most of the community isn’t playing yet, everyone is ready to fly high.

Flight Sim’s closed beta added a full patch of nine planes in total. Players also get a nice bundle of four flight tutorials that give players a Cessna 152 for training. Players can then use the Cessna to learn traffic patterns and general navigation.

Some of the nine planes include an Aviat Pitts Special S2S and Flight Design CTS. There’s also the Textron Aviation Beechcraft King Air 350i and a Cessna Citation CJ4. There are some more added into the patch, which can be exciting for plane lovers.

For players who have experience flying, the game also adds three new bush trips. These trips bring players to far-flung locales to test their chops.

Among these bush trips include the Balkans trip from Rijeka, HR to Santorini, GR. Players can make the journey riding a fixed-wing Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP. Pilots can do a lot more things with the closed beta update too.

Asobo also adds flight challenges and TrackIR support

Apart from bush trips and new planes, Microsoft Flight Simulator added a few more things. Asobo added a long list of new landing challenges for different locations. Bold pilots can go to different remote locales and land a specialized plane for the area.

For example, the game challenges players to visit Bugalaga, Indonesia. Pilots would then need to land in the WX53 airstrip using a Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX. There are a ton of these challenges ahead, so pilots can keep themselves busy.

There’s also TrackIR support, which allows the use of a TrackIR headset. TrackIR headsets enable players to control the cockpit and chase cameras in-game. Asobo is looking to add VR support along with its current roadmap.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will launch on August 18. The game will be available for the PC and the Xbox.

Images courtesy of Microsoft/Youtube Screenshot

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