‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ finally hits Xbox on July 27


The latest update of Microsoft Flight Simulator adds a beautiful Scandinavian view on Xbox.

Microsoft: The world’s one of the leading companies, Microsoft, has made a new update on Microsoft Flight Simulator, which puts in an attractive Scandinavian view.

The update opens up new prospects for Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland. To catch up with the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox series consoles next month, developer Asobo Studios has broadened some superfluous details that gamers will like.

Xbox: Gamers will like the new update

Microsoft brings the next generation of Xbox games to Xbox One through xCloud. You can stream exclusive Xbox Series X games, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator or Starfield, and bring these old consoles to life.

World Update V focuses on Scandinavia (especially Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) and provides stunning visual effects of the game’s magnificent scenery.

The short trailer shows the rewards of paying extra attention to the scenery (so many fjords) and urban areas, from ancient castles to modern stadiums, towers, and bridges, with detailed buildings available for flight.

According to the team, the new district includes “100 airports and 77 scenic spots.” The trailer demonstrates the Lego House and Frederiksborg Castle and the Arctic Cathedral, and Sarek National Park. Xbox will be available in July. 27. After many updates to adjust the game, even reduce the amazing initial installation size.

Does the new update put any restrictions?

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released finally on Xbox on July 27.

If you have a computer or PC desktop or laptop with adequate configurations and features, you can install this latest update for free (if you want the full version, it is also localized in Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish).

Nordic Experience and Xbox One owners are looking forward to providing high-quality games through cloud streaming before the end of the year.

The 8 tutorials for the PC version on Xbox have been trimmed into shorter ones to let gamers know how they performed. A flight attendant function has been added to allow the game to be controlled and take you there or land you via the plane at a specific location.

Otherwise, help recover from various emergencies. Land Anywhere feature allows you to land your plane on any water, land, or snow-covered area because “anyone can take off, but some people don’t want to land.

The Xbox version will be launched on July 27, and it is said that it also includes access to content emergencies in Nordic countries.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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