‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ has more than 1 million players


Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the highlights of 2020 and it shows. More than a million people have played it, and it’s the biggest title for the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was the AAA product of the year. Its momentum never stopped until launch and even after that. The hype made it the biggest launch in the series’ 38-year history.

Over 1 million players for Flight Sim

In a recent post, MS Flight Sim boss Jorg Neumann showed a few numbers. Over the last two weeks, the figures for the game are astonishing. These numbers include a million total players and counting for the entire game.

The numbers for Flight Sim are staggering, and people love the game for sure. For starters, the community flew over 26 million flights over the past two weeks. To put that into perspective, the global daily average for flights is at 102,000 flights per day.

So far, players have logged 1 billion miles flown, which is equivalent to 40,000 flights around the world. People have also tried everything in the game, from flying into hurricanes to real-time flights.

The community for Flight Sim has stayed incredibly receptive, propping up new hardware sales. Many also take other simulation pilots under their wing, giving everyone good feedback.

So far, Microsoft promises more to come in the coming weeks. These will include patches, world updates, and even DLCs.

Flight Sim adds new patch to resolve a few issues

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game among games. If players can get it running to as high specs as possible, it would be almost photorealistic. The newly promised content and patches are also on their way.


Just recently, Flight Sim installed their newest patch update. The new patch improves the game’s plane stability, giving pilots a better time. It removed issues that relate to the game crashing when peripherals install into the system.

As for installations, Microsoft also added a handful of updates that prevent blocking of areas like partial decompression. They also added safeguards to prevent customer lockouts after failing to connect to servers.

Microsoft further optimized the game, together with the currency, to be used for the marketplace. There’s nothing standout about the patch. It’s relatively small, and all changes are technical.

Even then, the Flight Sim experience is crucial. It needs to be smooth, with no issues whatsoever on all fronts. There are no patches yet that iron out the content as a whole.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the game for simulation enthusiasts everywhere. It’s a great title that deserves as much fanfare as possible.

Images courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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