‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ initial world update sees highlights in Japan’s landmarks

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 1 announcement trailer snapshot

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s first global update is centered towards the Land of the Rising Sun, which fleshes out the map while also showcasing its prominent landmarks.

Dubbed the “World Update 1,” Asobo—the game’s developer—has gotten their hands on structurally overhauling the map. The actual result of which is a far cry from the game’s originally procedurally-generated location.

The announcement about the update comes from Tokyo Game Show which shows a trailer of the changes that’s taking place arising from the patch. In it shows six different locations across Japan, with specific highlight on sites that are popular to travelers.

Closer to Reality Visuals

A city like Tokyo is therefore seen with more vividness, partially through its major skyscrapers and other buildings. Thus, one will find it hard to miss seeing the Tokyo Tower, which is indeed an iconic landmark in the metropolis. Which is like a tall pole that dwarfs any neighboring constructs. Making for a quintessential representation of the saying that refers to the “sticking out” of a “sore thumb”.

Elsewhere, the trailer highlights the beautiful countryside of Japan, featuring views that befit the less developed parts. One example would be the sleepy town of Hakone. Anyone who has a penchant for seeing Mother Nature at its most natural will definitely find appeal hovering over such destinations.

True-to-Life Airports

But what is a game about planes without also paying attention to the terminals which typically houses them. As part of the update’s general make-over, popular airports in Japan are given a visual touch-up. Particularly, Suwanosejima, Shimojishima, Nagasaki, Kushiro, Kerama, and Hachijojima.

More than just a visual treatment to the aforementioned airports, though, they also get challenges to keep players amused. Players will, therefore, have to pay careful attention as they choose to land in any of the airports mentioned. As is, obviously, generally the case throughout their playthrough of the game.

Coming Soon

As for the update itself, it is bound for release on September 29, 2020. Players who own the game on PC—Steam or Windows Store—can anticipate receiving the patch for free when it launches. Xbox One players could also expect the update to roll out along the way, particularly Xbox Pass users.

When the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator comes into effect, anyone with a wanderlust to go to Japan can definitely experience them first-hand in-game. While it may not suffice as a substitute to the actual encounter of being there, still it makes for an educational involvement to see sites about the country in-game.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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