‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ mod features a ship stuck in the Suez Canal

Microsoft Flight Simulator mod snapshot

A Microsoft Flight Simulator mod is making rounds on the internet, depicting what appears to be a trending scene at the Suez Canal.

An event that’s already days in the making, the Ever Given remaining stuck in the Suez Canal will always be remembered in how a stranded ship can affect the world’s economies. But while news from the mainstream media make for an efficient archive in the future, so is video game. One which is perfectly made in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Inevitably, giving life to the notion about art imitating life.

Microsoft’s latest entry in the flight sim is known for trying to make a true-to-life replica of the real world. A perfect idea for a game that involves transport by air as seen at the pilot seat. Through the game, we’ve seen an almost realistic representation of areas from the bird’s eye view angle. Literally, every place that can be found on Earth’s surface. Unsurprisingly, it includes the open waterway channel, Suez Canal, that serves as the shortest route between Asia and Europe.

Entry prohibited

But, through the effort of one modder, it appears that the artificial waterway is not as open at all. In reference to the mainstream news, the passageway appears to be temporarily not as free flowing. At least, not in context of the Ever Given being stuck in its route, blocking all other vessels from going through it.

Up-to-date with the news and equally with talent on equal measure, modder Travis Koryciak did what team Microsoft couldn’t. Not in a timely and official manner, at least. That is, to create a mod that impeccably illustrates the actuality at the said critical global transport route. The highlight of the mod being no less than the Japanese cargo ship, Ever Given, itself. Particularly, bearing all the goods that concern many consumers, potentially including essential gaming hardware, and a lot of money in essence.

Through the virtual pilot’s lens

Known also in the Tik Tok scene as “Donut_Enforcement,” Koriciak brought his creation to people’s attention by uploading a showcase video on YouTube. At a little more than 2 minutes, it shows the YouTuber-modder onboard a plane and navigating the skies of Egypt. Not too far from the Suez Canal, of course—giving a sky-high view of the virtual illustration of the viral event as it happens. But minus the rescuers that are also an essential part of the overall phenomenon as it happens.

Adding to his credit, Koriciak also had his voice running in the background and mimicking an actual pilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Subsequently, making for a convincing demonstration from start to finish.

Image used courtesy of Donut_Enforcement/YouTube Screenshot

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