‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ to make $2.6B in hardware sales

'Microsoft Flight Simulator' to make $2.6B in hardware sales

Reports say that Microsoft Flight Simulator will generate billions in PC sales. Research notes an estimated US$2.6 billion in hardware will sell over the next three years.

According to tech firm Jon Peddie Research (JPR), MS Flight Sim is excellent for the industry. Microsoft Flight Simulator will likely create sales for specialized PC hardware. From flight sticks, HOTAS joysticks, and top of the line GPUs, people expect more money.

MS Flight Sim will make money from PC hardware sales

MS Flight Sim is one of the most niche games in the world. There is minimal action to it, considering it’s the king of simulation titles. Even then, the beauty and massive immersion it gives players is enough to give it a mainstream success.

JPR expects the game to ship at least 2.27 million units over the next three years. The game is likely to shatter these numbers, considering the excellent experience. The 2.27 million units sold will likely translate to a US$2.6 billion [AU$3.63 billion].

Projections expect these sales to come from the PC hardware market. Many Flight Sim players are hardcore gamers who will likely want the best experience. The PC market is answering with better peripherals, accessories, and much more.

MS Flight Simulator is hardware intensive

To understand where the JPR numbers come from, it’s essential to look at the details first. Microsoft Flight Simulator, as a game, is one of the most immersive games out there. Such a level of immersion needs powerful hardware.

For starters, the VR market is ready to shell out money for MS Flight Sim. They clamored for the game before it even hit the market and now it’s out. VR players likely have the buying power to get better rigs.

Flight Sim is also at its absolute best on max settings, much like any game. The specs of the title say it all, and fans will likely go for broke. High-end GPUs, like the RTX 2080 Ti and RX 5700, will be the chosen hardware.

There’s also the upcoming RTX 3000 series that will dominate this year. The rumored RTX 3090 alone will likely come with a US$1400 [AU$ 1955] price tag. The RTX 3080 allegedly will reach US$800 [AU$1117].

There are also HOTAS setups and yoke systems that will support the game. These setups cost somewhere between less than US$70 [AU$97.5] to US$700 [AU$ 975].

Whatever projections say, Microsoft Flight Simulator will make money for everyone. The game is fantastic, and those who get the game would want hardware to scratch the itch. Whether it’s peripherals or high-end PC hardware, everyone wins.

Featured image courtesy of Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot

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