‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ to reveal its beta phase on July 9


Microsoft Flight Simulator now has a date for its next phase of testing. The company’s long-awaited flight sim will announce its beta testing period on July 9.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s timeline is a closely watched detail for fans of the game. As people are looking to play the game ASAP, every dev detail becomes crucial. Now, fans will get an inkling on where the dev cycle is and when the closed beta starts.

MS Flight Sim rolling out of Alpha 5 testing

For fans of the Flight Sim game, knowing when features will come is always welcome news. For the closed beta so far, there’s not a ton of details out there that outline what to expect. The only information so far about the game’s progress is the fact that it slipped back.

Due to complications like the pandemic, the game’s closed beta should’ve come mid-July. Now, fans should know that it will likely come at the end of this month. The Alpha 5 testing will finish on July 9, which means a new update on the beta too.

Another batch of invites for the remaining Alpha period is out now in the wild. This change is great for players, as it gives them a chance to play the game pre-beta. Fans can also expect patch notes on the same day once the beta launches.

The dev update will also give a closer look to different sources of data in the game. This information powers how the game works, especially with the real-time flight info.

Flight Sim uses real-world data to simulate various flight situations

For Microsoft Flight Simulator, dev studio Asobo and Microsoft use data from others. Both partnered with a bevy of different companies to get access to real-world data. The information includes everything from weather patterns to global air traffic.


For example, global air traffic predictions in-game come from FlightAware. The software is a global aviation software company and handles data for all flights. FlightAware’s Firehose data stream will allow the game to simulate real-life air traffic.

By using the Firehose data stream, players can simulate a real-world equivalent of the skies. Players are looking forward to the Flight Sim because of its realistic simulation. The game even boasts that it can simulate all known airports in the world.

For players who want to join the closed beta, they can do so by signing up. The MS Flight Simulator Insider program allows players into insider testing and information.

Microsoft Flight Simulator fans can get invites to future tests once they finish registration. The game is a beast, with some of the most realistic graphics out there.

Images courtesy of Microsoft/YouTube Screenshots

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