‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ will add Great Britain update soon


Microsoft Flight Simulator will be adding a new Great Britain-focused update. The absolutely beautiful game will now focus on the English countryside.

England, Scotland, and Wales will be getting a superb overhaul from Microsoft Flight Simulator. The game, on the heels of a recent USA update, announced the update last week. The patch will improve terrain generation and add new map data to several English locales.

MS Flight Sim will add Ireland-less GB update

Flight Sim is one of the better games that came out of 2020. While it’s not a massive hit like Among Us and Fall Guys, but it’s one of the best out there.

It’s the simulator game of the decade and offers endless replayability to any would-be explorer.

Now, the devs at Asobo Studios announced they will update the game. In a recent Twitch Q&A stream, the studio will add a “somewhat” Great Britain update. The qualifier is there for a reason.

So far, Asobo only has data for England, Scotland, and Wales. The unfortunate detail about it, however, is the lack of data for Northern Ireland.

This lack of data makes the entire update a little less of the entirety of Great Britain, but it still stands.

The update will add up to around 50 to 60 points of interest to Great Britain and the general area.

It will likely include new airports from the locale, which should include a few landmarks. Some good examples include Land’s End in Cornwall and the Manchester Barton.

According to the update, they will also add new procedural data and algorithms. These will add more structures like churches and cathedrals.

There will also be around eight new types of buildings, which should be perfect for sightseeing tours.

MS Flight Sim may add Ireland update separately

Microsoft Flight Simulator and its upcoming Great Britain update will be a perfect way to spend time flying.

New aerial data from Bing will upgrade the map in all three nations. It will also add more crucial detail for a touch of extra realism.

Flight Sim head Jorg Neumann noted that the Northern Ireland data was not available just yet. He claims that “we might as well do all of Ireland,” hinting that it can be its own update.

The Q&A also released a new trailer that showed off the USA update, adding so much realism to the game. All this comes on top of the already superb gameplay that Flight Sim adds.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC and Xbox One. The game should come to the next-gen consoles in a few months.

Featured image courtesy of Microsoft Flight Simulator/Youtube Screenshot

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