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Microsoft iPadOS multi-window support finally starts beta test


Microsoft finally decided to start the beta test on iPadOS multi-window in Word and PowerPoint for iPad.

It’s been almost a year after Apple introduced the ability to open multiple windows in the same application. Now it seems like Microsoft finally decided to go with the fad. Microsoft said that it started beta testing iPadOS multi-window in Word and PowerPoint for iPad. The software giant admitted the developer level test through a blog post.

iPadOS multi-window support public release date

As of the moment, Microsoft’s support for iPad multi-window is only available for beta mode. No specific dates on when the app will roll out to the public yet.

Microsoft customers are speculating on the time of the iPad support for multi-windows availability. Some users think that if it took almost a year for the software giant to start beta testing, then they have to keep their fingers crossed that it will not be the same as the public release.

In the meantime, Microsoft provided a link to the test flight for its customers to access. The link goes out to users who would like a trip to the Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint public beta test.

iPadOS multi-window support access

Microsoft also provided instructions on how users may access the support. The giant gave out three different ways to open and work on two presentations or documents at the same time.

The user may touch, hold, and drag a document or presentation from the recent list. Head over to shared and open the file making sure to open the file on the screen edge. Another option is to swipe up to the dock beginning from the bottom of the word or the presentation. Upon opening the dock, the user then touches the app icon.

Hold and drag the icon towards the side of the screen where the user wishes to open the file. The user may now start working on the two documents or presentations both opened.  The third and probably simplest option to enjoy the support is to open either the Microsoft Word or PowerPoint icon. Head towards the recently opened files and choose shared.

Make sure to open the file through the app start screen. Simply click the open in new window option and the document or presentation will be available side by side.

The native support for opening multiple windows in the same application rolled out along with the iPadOS 13 release last year. Microsoft Word also demoed the same feature back in WWDC 2019.

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