Microsoft launches Family Safety app for iOS and Android

The Family Safety App brings you more parental controls across iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft launches its new app, and they call it the Family Safety App. Based on the name of the app, it aims to gain more parental control across devices that restrict and filter some of the device’s use for children.

This app will have parental power across devices of Android, iOS, Windows, and Xbox.
According to its website,, this new app aims to protect what matters most, both physical and digital safety. It seems like it is trying to strike a connection within loved-ones and families. Thus this app abridges ties.

Family Safety App features

According to Microsoft’s website, this app empowers you and your family to create healthy habits and help protect the ones you love. Here are some of the features of the app:

Develop Healthy Digital Habits: Tracking digital footprints of loved ones, including screen time, most visited websites, and terms children are searching for online.

Find Screen Time Balance: Setting time limits for kids when they are playing and extending it if they are in the online class.

Explore Safety with Content Filters: Creating a safety net for kids. Identifying apps or websites that children can access or visit and restricting others that you might deem unhealthy and non-educational.

Locate your loved ones: Locate your loved ones with a map and save the places where they most frequented.

Privacy Concerns

Microsoft launches new Family Safety app for iOS and Android

Though its features are interconnected to your activities during the day, Microsoft ensures all data that you will collate will be protected. They also ensure that this data will not be in use, sold, or shared for any future developments or projects.

In simple words, the Family Safety app enables you to use these three controls: Location sharing, parental control, and phone monitoring.

The Family Safety app was first launched via The Verge after months of beta testing. One unique feature of this app is that it has more exclusive features for the subscribers of Office 365. To name a few, one of the exciting features is it will notify you if your loved one or any member of the family leaves your home and when they will arrive in a particular place. Another cool feature is that it provides insights on driving behaviors.

Will you give it a try? As reported by 9to5Google, the Microsoft Family Safety App is now live on Google Playstore and iOS through the Apple App Store. You can download the app now and try to see if this upgrade is useful!

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