Microsoft major outage affects Teams, Office 365, and Outlook

Microsoft major outage affects Teams, Office 365, and Outlook

Microsoft experienced a major outage on most of its apps. Reports confirm MS Teams, Ofice 365 services, and Outlook—among others—were critically hit.

The Microsoft outage happened on Monday, CNN confirms. Nonetheless, by late evening the official 365 Twitter support account confirms that the “incident has been resolved.”

What happened and the affected services

The Guardian reports that Microsoft initially reported the issues around 9:25 p.m. UTC. Such issues generally affected the authentication of the tech giant’s cloud services.

This meant that the users, mostly from the United States, encountered logging-in issues with Microsoft’s online services such as the Office 365, Outlook, and video-conference app, MS Teams.

On a series of tweet updates, per TechCrunchthe company exhausted all fixes but “was forced to roll back its changes after the fix failed.”

“We’ve rolled back the change that is likely the source of impact and are monitoring the environment to validate that service is recovering,” one of the tweets read.

Around 5:40 p.m. PT, after the support team announced they’ve seen “improvement for multiple services,” users both on the west coast of the United States and Australia were still struggling to access Microsoft’s online services.

Per CNN the affected services were:

  • Power Platform
  • Dynamics365
  • Microsoft Teams including Teams Live Event

The news publication cites Down Detector reporting Office 365 was indeed having some logging in issues.

Nonetheless, Microsoft does not believe that the outage was brought by some malicious activities. In a statement to CNN, the company says, “at this time, we’ve seen no indication that this is the result of malicious activity.”

Instead, it is strongly believed that the outage was caused by a recent update.

So far, Microsoft assures that they’ve identified and resolved the issue.

911 system affected as well?

Meanwhile, amid the sudden outage, NBC New York narrates that the nationwide 911 system was also down.

Law enforcement from cities and counties in at least four states in America reported the same issue that went on for about an hour.

The media outlet notes, “[l]aw enforcement agencies around the country, from Nevada to Pennsylvania and Arizona to Minnesota, tweeted that their 911 systems were down beginning sometime after 7 p.m. ET. Multiple reports indicated outages throughout Delaware and Ohio as well.”

As of this writing, it is yet to be determined whether the Microsoft incident is linked to the 911 outage. Although the NYPD believes the incidents might be likely linked together.

Nonetheless, the 911 systems went back online around the same time Microsoft resolved its issue.


Featured image courtesy of Mika Baumeister/Unsplash



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