Microsoft mocks Apple’s Touch Bar in its new Surface ad

Microsoft has the habit of mocking upon the various Apple’s features. The routine of reigniting the Mac vs PC conflict for its surface ads; has become a constant Microsoft pattern.

This time, Microsoft is mocking Apple’s Touch Bar feature. This is something that will enhance conflict grounds.

During a TV commercial in between the NFL championship, Microsoft aired a TV commercial.

In that TV commercial, Microsoft thrashes Apple’s MacBook Pro against its product, Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Apple vs Microsoft: An unprecedented freight

It is the first time when Microsoft is mocking Apple’s new Touch Bar feature. In the advertisement, a boy asks, “Mac gave me this little bar, but why can’t they just give me a whole touchscreen?”

He seems to compare both the model, Apple’s Macbook Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Many MacBook Pro users are complaining about the same. Apple has decided to replace the touch bar from apple’s MacBook Pro.

The company is planning to replace the touch bar with some physical function keys. This renovation might be seen in this year but by the latter half.

In the advertisement, Microsoft is trying to demean Apple’s MacBook Pro. Through the ad, Microsoft is trying to call Apple’s MacBook Pro a gaming device. “It is a much better gaming device,” claims the ad.

On the one hand, it sounds absurd for apple’s MacBook Pro, while on the other hand, it is quite an unusual way to frame the popularity of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7. Surface Pro 7 can barely run any latest pc games.

Not the first time

As reported by many users of this PC, this cannot run many latest games at acceptable frame rates.

The integration of graphics with this execution of games even makes the whole thing worse. This is not the best selling point of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7.

Previously, Microsoft tried to tarnish the Apple MacBook Air’s popularity by comparing it to its Surface Pro.

The company found a guy named Macbook, and in the advertisement, the guy asks people to buy Surface Pro.

This latest ad also precisely focuses on the older Surface Pro 7. The latest version model of the Surface Pro 7 is the Surface Pro 7 Plus. The newest version of the Surface Pro 7 comes with larger battery life.

Surface Pro 7 Plus comes up with an 11th Gen Intel Processor, a removable SSD, and LTE feature installed.

This latest version is promising to the business and students who have large enough work to do.


Image courtesy of MobileTechReview/YouTube Screenshot

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