Microsoft Office gets mouse and trackpad support for iPad

Microsoft Office gets mouse and trackpad support for iPad

The Microsoft 360 will get iPadOS support as promised by the tech company – the trackpad and mouse. This is in line with Apple’s goal to eliminate the singular function of the gadget.

Finally, there’s a mouse and a trackpad for users of Microsoft Office through the iPad. Apple’s iPad users can now work on their Excel template, create a PowerPoint presentation, and work on their article through Microsoft Word with such hardware support.

This is another milestone for the tech company as they push to defy the boundaries of tablet and desktop use, making the iPad an all-around gadget. This year, it was announced that they are working on the compatibility of such external support for the device.

Promise fulfilled

In March this year, Apple presented this plan along with the iPadOS 13.4 version news. According to TechCrunch, this pairing technology was announced along with the iPadPro.

The pairing of a mouse and a trackpad on an iPad will result in an on-screen cursor. The tablet’s latest operating system was launched together with an expensive keyboard.

Microsoft Office gets mouse and trackpad support for iPad

According to Microsoft’s website, its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are receiving updates already to meet with the device’s latest upgrade. They also mentioned that they are committed to delivering the best experience possible to all Microsoft 365 users through the iPad.

Trackpad and Mouse support

Microsoft also mentioned on their website that the update made to iPadOS users using a mouse provides easy control over its cursor, fluid navigation, and accurate adjustments. The Magic keyboard’s built-in trackpad will transform into a tool that you need once you move your finger across it.

The use of trackpad with iPad or mouse most especially for Word, when you highlight PowerPoint for resizing graphics, and selecting a range on Excel would be as easy and intuitive.
This will also help work on Microsoft Office on the iPad more easily and conveniently.

Not just your ordinary tablet

The functionality of the iPad is not limited to socializing nowadays. It is also suited for work whenever and wherever you need it. The said updates from Microsoft also bring clearer and cleaner specs across its Offices (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

They use the Fluent UI for design enhancements. Users will experience this through Microsoft 365 updates.

The rollout of the update is, according to phasing. Some users said they had already received the update, but this will be in full rollout in the succeeding weeks.

Microsoft also mentioned that this would be one of the series of updates that they are working on, and they are taking advantage of the capabilities of the software to the Apple device, promising an excellent experience.

Images used courtesy of Microsoft 365/YouTube Screenshot.

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