Microsoft rolls out new features for Edge browser

Tech giant Microsoft recently released new features for the Edge browser in a bid to challenge current leader Google Chrome.

The battle for browser supremacy is heating up with Microsoft releasing new features for the Edge browser. Edge is currently ranked second in the browser ranking, with Chrome taking up the majority of the market. Nevertheless, the tech giant is adamant in challenging that position with the latest rollout of new features.

Aside from new features, the update also brings several performance enhancements and fixes for Edge. The update will bring Edge to version 84.

New notification requests

One of the most noticeable upgrades of Edge 84 is the new quiet notification requests. Some users have complained that notifications are annoying, and Microsoft is giving them an option to disable it. The new feature will allow users to customize how they want to get their notifications.

The quiet notification request feature is activated by default on the new Edge browser. The settings can be turned off under the notifications menu on browser Settings. The new notifications feature works in the same way as that of Google Chrome. When turned on, the feature automatically blocks pop up notifications on various websites. Moreover, the browser also automatically blocks pop up notifications from malicious and scam websites.

Microsoft said in a blog that the decision to add the new feature was “due to high volumes of user feedback around unwanted notification subscription.”

The tech giant said that the feature aims to lessen the frequency of annoying pop-up notifications. Additionally, the feature also helps secure user browsing activity by automatically blocking suspicious notifications from malicious websites.

Introduction of Roadmap

For the enterprise market, a new portal called Microsoft 365 Portal is now accessible. The Roadmap feature allows enterprise users to know what the upcoming features are and release the schedule of Edge. The Beta and Stable channel releases were also opened for users to access.

Both Edge and Chrome are built on the same Chromium platform. However, Chrome came to the market first and had more features compared to Edge. Nevertheless, Microsoft appears to be busy upgrading its flagship browser to compete in the market.

The new update is missing one important aspect: privacy. The browser was criticized lately after being discovered that it is violating user privacy. Nevertheless, Microsoft said that working on this issue and claims that new security features have been put in place.

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