Microsoft rolls out user interface update for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S UI Update

Making for a prelude to the Xbox Series X’s upcoming launch in few weeks, Microsoft is rolling out an update to both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S’ user interface, giving the waiting fans a taste of the “New Xbox Experience.”

No longer a surprise, the user interface update was originally teased back in August this year. At the time, coinciding an early glimpse to the Xbox Series X/S dashboard.  Many had speculated the UI update to appear at the time of the next-gen Xbox console’s release. But it turns out to be a misconception as we see the UI modification implemented today.

It was mostly a surprise, for sure. But at the same time, it also probably makes for a timely launch to give fans hands-on experience with the new gaming experience. Current Xbox One owners need not have to wait, however, as the console itself receives a similar update treatment to its visual interface.

Fresh visual changes

Upon its implementation, the change with the current-gen Xbox console should be apparent from the sign-in screen. It is subsequently leading to a home screen that comes with a new look.

With a clean organization as its major theme, up-to-date consoles will see installed games arranged above an updated My Games & Apps icon. Making for an unexpected dynamic, the new placement shall highlight three random games from the list of available games.

More than just near and organized, the update also comes with embellishment, with the inclusion of background themes. Which, itself, could add a layer of unique change to the interface to anyone who is so inclined.

Connectivity between devices

Part also of the update is the heavier emphasis on connectivity between the console and mobile phones. The update highlights this by letting users transfer gameplay clips and screenshots directly to their phones via their console.

But as a gaming console, the overarching theme of the UI update is the more seamless transition between multiple tasks in line with gaming. This means that users are more likely to engage themselves in more activities than just gaming while being in front of the console at the same time. Therefore, not to miss out on other important things while they enjoy their time in their favorite hobby.

Although the update is available to both current- and next-gen consoles, there will also be disparities. The differences primarily boil down to features that are exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S due to its unique hardware design, such as the Quick Resume. Everything else, however, would be the same on both platform generations.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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