Microsoft submits FCC filing for unnamed device possibly for Surface Go sequel

Microsoft has just filed for the FCC of the Surface Go 2

Microsoft has filed for an FCC registration of an unnamed device. Signals point to it being the successor to the Surface Go launched in 2018.

Microsoft has found a successful and worthy piece that can challenge Apple’s Macbook line up. The Surface Pro series is proving to be a versatile machine, both physically and internally.

Users of the device find the design of the Surface to be intuitive both for on-the-go use and proper work stations. The patented kickback stand is also proving to be an ingenious invention. Moreover, the internal power of the Surface line up is among the best in its category of 2-in-1 laptops.

Microsoft fans are in for a treat as a new entry to the Microsoft Surface lineup is already in the pipeline.

Microsoft EV2 FCC filing

An FCC filing of a new product marks the strongest evidence that it is all ready for a release to the market. Unlike patent filings, FCC filings are needed for a product to end up in consumer’s hands for their protection.

The FCC filing shows details only about the new product’s power supply and operating systems.

The model name for the product in the FCC filing is masked behind the EV2 name, but as pundits would say, this is exactly the same code that Microsoft used for the launch of the first Surface Go.

Even without looking further into the details in the FCC filing, the details in the sheets are similar to those of the original Surface Go launched in 2018.

Just last month, there were leaked internal specifications of the Surface Go 2. It is reported that the newer device will still sport the Intel Pentium Gold processor, with an additional option of dual-core Intel Core m3-8100Y processor.

Another new surprise from the company is that the new Surface Go 2 might be LTE capable. This just adds to the device’s versatility when it comes to its internal capabilities.

Microsoft Build developer conference

This year’s Microsoft Build developer conference is slated to happen between May 19 to 21. Normally, Microsoft shares its latest innovation in software developments at this conference.

This year’s Build is another example of an event affected by the lockdown implemented in the United States. This year’s Build shall be done remotely and digitally for software developers to join.

Nevertheless, Microsoft fans are expecting a special exemption for the launch of a whole new hardware during the conference.

After all, everyone is stuck in this unusual period of the lockdown. A surprise from Microsoft would definitely be a welcome thought, especially for those that have waited for this release.


Image courtesy of Unsplash/Tadas Sar

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