Microsoft Surface Book 3 gets ‘go signal’ from FCC

The upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 3 passed through Federal Communications Commission, bringing the 10th gen Nvidia GeForce GTX 16xx graphics even closer to life. The futuristic laptop is expected to launch in May.

Windows Latest was able to find the FCC filing that leaked out the model being called a Portable Computing Device. This discovery was quite similar to how the Surface Go 2 was certified by the FCC leading traces of the final product.

Aside from this, there is a whole lot of space left for imagination while loyal Microsoft users wait for that faithful official announcement. This is a big day for the product marking another milestone towards its final release.

The known specs

Although there is very little information circulating the upcoming Surface Book 3, there are a few expectations given by a collection of reports.

Here are the more popular expectations:

  • The unit will be packed with Intel’s 10th generation ‘Comet Lake’ CPUs
  • The graphics are provided by the newer Nvidia GeForce GTX 16xx

Aside from these expectations, there is still a huge hole to fill up in order to properly visualize the Surface Book 3. According to other reports, there is a great expectation for a Quadro option as well. Aside from the internals, Microsoft leaves most of the changes in the design’s details to your imagination.

Weight balance discussion

The previous Surface Books have been criticized for both its weight balance and its hinge gap. One thing very noticeable with the whole Surface Book product line is the unique design complete with a detachable display.

However, the design itself actually adds to the hinge gap and poor weight balance problem. All of the internal hardware is stored in the screen aside from the GPU and the two batteries making the tablet portion naturally heavier.

Expectations of the Surface Book 3

The product matures with the third-generation Surface and this is where the awkward kinks are worked out. From reviews of the previous Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, Surface Pro 7, and the recent Surface Laptop 3, a lot of expectations are being placed on the upcoming Surface Book 3 to fill in the gaps of its predecessors.

The expectations surrounding the Surface Book 3 can’t be helped. Ever since Microsoft released the Surface design, die-hard fans of portable and innovative laptops started snooping in. The Surface product line isn’t perfect but with the Surface Book 3 recently passing the FCC, the new product might just have the right improvements.

Images courtesy of Matthew Moniz/YouTube Screenshot

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