Microsoft Surface Duo looks like it’s ready to launch

Microsoft VP Shilpa Ranganathan posted a picture of a dual-screen phone. Is the company Microsoft launching the Surface Duo anytime soon?

With rumors and teasers regarding the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Duo, it is now even closer to the reality of launching it anytime soon. The new Android-powered device was first seen by the FCC and is expected to launch weeks from now.

A collection of photo teasers of the Surface Duo

Microsoft has been teasing its followers with the device on Twitter and leaks of this most awaited two-screen gadget have been shared by Evan Blass, a well-known phone leaker.

Blass also hinted that this would appear on AT&T’s network (U.S.A.). Microsoft’s Frank Shaw, Communication Head of the company, earlier released a photo of the said dual-screen device ahead of its teaser on Twitter. It also appeared in a video on LinkedIn by Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s Executive.

Since the summer, Microsoft has teased a tech-savvy look at what the Surface Duo will look like and what to expect from this much-awaited device. It was then announced that this dual-screen device would be launched this holiday of 2020, but due to pandemic, it was later moved and rescheduled.

As reported by LiliPuting, Microsoft hasn’t made an official announcement yet. But the Surface Duo recently received FCC and Bluetooth SIG certifications. And over the past month, a bunch of Microsoft executives has shared photos of Surface Duo phones in real-world settings on social media.

What to expect

Though we do not have any idea what will be the hardware specifications and features of the device yet, some leaks about this device suggested that it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, in which Samsung used to its $2,000 Galaxy Fold.

The Surface Duo comes with 6GB of RAM and can store up to 64GB up to 256GB. It also has 11-megapixel cameras and a 5.6 inch AMOLED display sporting two screens.

It also suggested that it feature one USB C-Port and a nano-SIM slot. It also supports a 3450 mAh battery and supports the Surface Pen. One of the unique and quirky aesthetics of the device is its peak feature, letting users know who’s texting or calling by opening it in half.

Another feature of this device is the functionality of each screen. An excellent example of its functionality is the 1st screen can act as a video call, and the other monitor is for taking down notes. This functionality was described by a developer for Duo App, providing a positive review of the sais device.

Are you excited about the launch date? What features are you looking forward to with this device? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Image used courtesy of Microsoft Surface/YouTube Screenshot

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