Microsoft Surface Duo new image leak on Twitter shows a sizeable bump

Microsoft Surface Duo new image leaks shows a sizeable bump

A new Microsoft Surface Duo appearance made its way to Twitter, sparking the hype anew for the first-ever Windows dual-screen foldable phone.

Microsoft has been a relatively new but strong challenger within the laptop landscape. However, they still have to prove themselves worthy in the smartphone arena. Many patrons have followed the company’s journey with its Surface Pro line up.

As such, they expect the company’s success to translate to their ambitious dual-screen phone with the Microsoft Surface Duo. The excitement for the new Microsoft phone is drumming across the internet in anticipation of an August release.

Microsoft Surface Duo casing?

The foldable phone’s last official appearance online was during its announcement late last year. Since then, only rumored specs and software have surfaced on the internet.

The Microsoft strategy in launching the Surface Duo is quite clever. It knew that the excitement for the phone would trigger many so-called leakers to make artistic renders of the phone. As such, the company went ahead of the curve and announced the phone complete with videos and demos last year.

With this strategy, they were able to control the narrative of the Surface Duo. Now, it would seem like they’re doing the same thing with another Tweet from the same person that demoed the Surface Duo last year.

Panos Panay replied to a Tweet from John Wiese, manifesting his excitement for the Surface Duo. Panay can be seen with a huge smile holding what looks like a prototype of the new Microsoft phone with a casing.

What’s new with the Surface Duo in the picture?

The Duo held by Panay looks slightly different from the demo unit he had last October 2019. His handheld unit shows a more slightly rounded edge around the body compared to the model unit. It also looks as if these edges have a protective bumper casing.

On the lower portion of the right panel, the case also looks like it has a rubber or plastic platform. This elevated area seems like it is for a grip on a flat surface if the user implements a laptop orientation for the Surface Duo.

It cannot be denied that the picture comes straight from the company itself. However, the slight change in the Surface Duo can only be confirmed by the company. Nonetheless, the wait will not be too long anymore. Microsoft will allegedly overtake the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 for an early August release.

Image from Microsoft Surface/ YouTube screenshot

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