Microsoft Surface Go 2 has high aspirations but might be an epic fail

Microsoft Surface Go 2 is a device with high aspirations but low delivery

Microsoft Surface Go 2 will provide the essential functions that a light user needs without much flare.

Users considering buying the Surface Go 2 will have a lot left to be desired after buying it. Microsoft recently launched the predecessor of the 2-in-1 Surface Go device.

The main market targeted for the Surface Go 2 are users with low requirements for specs and performance. Nevertheless, it is still inevitable for some heavy-duty users to consider buying this device.

Price point of Surface Go 2 is here and there

As said earlier, the main targeted market for the device is light laptop users. Microsoft itself promotes this device as the perfect school companion for kids.

The starting price point of the device is AU$ 629. That price will only provide the tablet screen at the base configuration of Intel Pentium 4425 – WIFI. The software is antiquated considering that it was released almost two years ago with little upgrades ever since.

In order to get the complete package of the keyboard cover, Surface Pen, and the more powerful internal processor, a buyer has to shell out up to $1,500. For a supposed kid-friendly and light user laptop, the price point can already fetch a decent entry-level laptop for a more powerful usage.

Screen has upgraded but still lacking power overall

The screen of the Surface Go 2 now has a smaller bezel pushing the screen size to 10.5 inches diagonally. For a tiny device, a 0.5-inch increase is significant considering the tasks that need to be executed on the device. The screen is vibrant and gives all the deep blacks and sharp colors necessary, but it is still no competition for the iPad.

The Surface Go 2 battery is also another weak point for the device. This must be the reason why Microsoft decided to forego a higher resolution screen for it. With basic tasks such as music streaming, online browsing, and word processing, the Surface Go 2 can only run up to four to five hours at full battery.

The Surface Go 2 software also leaves so much to be desired because of the basic Windows S version. Instead of having a fully running Windows 10 software, Microsoft ships the device with the Windows S.

Users have the option to toggle to the full version of the Windows 10, but run the risk of juicing out the battery at an even shorter period. Windows faces stiff competition in the 2-in-1 category with the resurgence of the iPad Pro 2020.

Users now have to choose between a tablet that can provide a full typing and touchpad experience or a laptop that can work also as a tablet.

Image courtesy of @TechSciGo/Twitter

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