Microsoft Surface Neo might be pushed back to 2022

Microsoft Surface Neo might be pushed back to 2022

Microsoft is reportedly delaying the launch of its upcoming dual-screen devices. The upcoming changes to Windows 10X push back the release of the Microsoft Surface Neo.

Last May, Microsoft leaks show that the upcoming software will be released on laptops first. This report contradicts the company’s statement that the Windows 10X is for the dual-screen devices. The Microsoft Surface Neo release is now on limbo as the company eyes single-screen devices for spring 2021.

No official announcement from Microsoft yet

Microsoft has not commented on the recent development yet. However, Mary Joy Foley, a Microsoft insider, stated that Windows 10X tablets will arrive by 2021.

However, these devices will not be readily available to consumers. According to Foley, the Windows 10X devices will be for businesses.

These rumors might also affect the Windows 10 update cycle if true. Microsoft releases Windows 10 updates two times a year.

However, with Windows 10X in development, the Windows 10 major update cycle might be reduced to a once-a-year. There will be security updates though.

Foley said, “I’m hearing from my sources. If that’s accurate, this would mean Microsoft will deliver Windows 10X releases in H1/spring seasons and new Windows 10 feature updates in H2/fall, moving forward.”

Microsoft Surface Neo might not be the first Windows 10X device

Windows 10X coming to Microsoft devices soon

Panos Panay, chief product officer of Microsoft Windows and Devices, has posted that the Windows 10X development has allowed the company to use it on single-screen devices.

The CPO added that the company has set eyes “toward single-screen Windows 10X devices that leverage the power of the cloud.”

Microsoft’s priority now is to push through with the Windows 10X development but for laptops and tablets. The existing line up of Surface devices might be joined by another device running the new OS.

Despite the announcement, Panay said that the company will continue to work on the Surface Neo. However, the company will continue to evaluate the right moment to launch the device.

Panay said, “we continue to put customers’ needs at the forefront, we need to focus on meeting customers where they are now.”

“Our customers are leveraging the power of the cloud more than ever, and we believe the time is right to lean into this acceleration in a different way,” he added.

Microsoft to take advantage of huge Windows 10 usage

Besides the Surface devices, Panay talked about the status of Windows 10. The current OS is still the most widely used operating system globally.

According to Panay, people are spending 4 trillion minutes using Windows 10 monthly. The operating system is currently seeing a 75% year to year growth.

Microsoft’s recent achievement backs up his statement. Last March, there are currently 1 billion active Windows devices.

Surface Neo delay makes Surface Duo shine more

The Microsoft Surface Duo is coming soon. The new foldable smartphone is set to take on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

With the Surface Neo release delayed, all eyes are set to the Surface Duo. Everyone is ready to see what magic Microsoft did to its new device.

The video talked about the features of the device and what users can expect from it. It showcased the device’s customizability as well as the multitasking feature.

The Surface Duo is the first Android smartphone from Microsoft. It has been a while since the company has released a smartphone.

This is the company’s time to shine and break the market. If it fails to capture the crowd, then the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 might be crowned as the best foldable device this year.

There is no official price for the Microsoft Duo yet nor has the company announced the launch date. Either way, this device’s success may influence Microsoft’s direction on how it will handle the Microsoft Surface Neo.

Images 12 courtesy of Microsoft Surface/YouTube Screenshot

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