Microsoft teases ‘DOOM Eternal’ on the Game Pass


Microsoft is teasing an upcoming title to the Xbox Games Pass and it’s likely DOOM Eternal. In a creative message, they reveal that “the Slayer is coming.”

Microsoft’s recent Zenimax deal netted them a ton of studios under their paws. Among those is id Software, the makers of DOOM Eternal. The Xbox Game Pass social media account is teasing that DOOM Guy is coming with a funny message.

Xbox Game Pass Twitter teases with creative message

According to the tweet, a memo from a certain “Melissa McGamepass” came via email. Within the cheeky email, the social media team was specifically asked not to drop hints. The email within the image showed a bog-standard message at first.

“Listen up everybody! Out of all the months this year, this has definitely been the most eventful. On top of the announce of EA Play and cloud gaming (Beta), there’s even more new coming your way. Keep reading for more details,” said the memo.

“Better get excited. Everyone’s gonna go crazy when they hear what I’m about to tell you. Low and behold, [REDACTED] is coming to the service very soon! Of course, this needs to remain a secret. We need to resist the temptation of dropping hints for followers.”

Smart people will notice that the first letter of each sentence spells “Look below.” The bigger quandary is where to look below, and this is where smarter cookies come in. The image itself has a hidden message inside it.

The Slayer is coming

For those who know how to use photo editors, fans can try loading a screenshot of the image. Once loaded, players can change the values of the photo itself. All fans need to do is crank the contrast/levels all the way to create a washed-out photo.


Under the entire email, a hidden message comes out, which says, “The Slayer is Coming.” This crafty message all but proves that DOOM is coming to the Game Pass. It’s likely that all iterations of the massive title will be on the platform, including DOOM Eternal.

The message itself references “The Slayer,” the in-game title for DOOM Guy. The one-man demon killer would be a superb addition to the Game Pass. Microsoft owns both now, which means they can do whatever they want with the IP.

What’s curious, however, are the random hints that DOOM was coming to the Game Pass. Hints of this came to Reddit in April, with not a lot of people bothering to verify.

The only question now is if DOOM Eternal is coming to the Xbox Game Pass for PC too. The likely answer is yes, consider Microsoft wants people playing their games everywhere.

Images courtesy Bethesda Softworks/Youtube Screenshot, Xbox Game Pass/Twitter Screenshot

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