Microsoft to launch its Nintendo Direct-style show with ‘Xbox 20/20’ this May 7

Official Microsoft program, 'Xbox 20/20'

As the E3 2020 is officially canceled, Microsoft is taking on creative ways to market the Xbox Series X to the market as it undergoes development and one of it would be a Nintendo Direct-style showcase.

Dubbed the ‘Xbox 20/20,’ it is a video series with the purpose of marketing the Xbox Series X as it nears release.

However, more than just the developing hardware, the show also seeks to demonstrate the upcoming games for the console, among other things.

The Xbox 20/20 will air its first episode on May 7, 2020.

A Microsoft Showcase for the Entire 2020

Intended to be an ongoing showcase, the said program will see future episodes every month throughout 2020.

In its initial episode, an ‘Inside Xbox’ stream will take place that will tackle the topics involving third-party titles, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Although something which audiences can watch from YouTube, the stream builds a necessary momentum for other exciting shows.

With a promise at making an interesting program for the audiences, however, each episode is expectedly unique from the previous.

For instance, one episode may be seen airing and talking about the Xbox Series X hardware. The next episode would then dabble on a completely different subject, like the Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Studios, or xCloud.

While viewers may understandably prefer a specific aspect of the program, what the Xbox 20/20 promises is fresh content.

Furthermore, any episode shown in the Xbox 20/20 event will remain exclusive to it. Meaning, Microsoft’s official ‘Inside Xbox’ YouTube channel will never air any of the shows displayed in the program. But the opposite is true as seen in the first episode.

Whether or not the notion will remain true post-2020, however, is unknown to date.

Regarding the E3 2020 canceled as premise, the events pertaining to June is also still without confirmation.

What to Expect on the First Episode

Audiences who will watch Xbox 20/20 are in a for a treat, as far as content. Featuring the latest next-gen trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, viewers will an eye candy that highlights the Ubisoft team’s mastery of their craft.

Making for additional interest is a segment where developers discuss how they take advantage of the Xbox Series X’s fantastic hardware. Truly a head-turner for those who are into game development or even as an enthusiast.

Lastly, there is also going to be a discourse regarding the Smart Delivery. A feature that promises gamers not needing to pay for an Xbox game twice should they make the switch to the Xbox Series X post-launch.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Renegades

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