Microsoft to rid of passwords by 2021

Microsoft is trying new ways to have all the customers choose over a password-less future, which will help everyone.

Microsoft has stated that in the coming year of 2021, the company will kill all passwords. The company has stated that 80% of cyber attacks happen due to passwords, with every 250 corporate accounts being hacked every day.

There is a new look in talks. Microsoft will be completely changing the way users unlock their phones and laptops.

The company wants to shift the way we use our accounts.

The new future will benefit all

It is no doubt that the new password-less decision by Microsoft is a benefit for all users who use their products and gadgets in the long run.

Microsoft has said that in November 2019, for Microsoft Ignite, over 100 million people were using password-less connectivity.

In May 2020, it was time for world password day. The number of people using Microsoft Ignite grew from 100 to 150 million.

The use of biometric access to work is now double. Microsoft has said that their company has drawn in strength from the determination of its customers and users.

The company has said that the new reality will be available for all in 2021.

Releasing a converged registration portal in 2021

Microsoft added that along with the new UPI and API for managing the FIDO2 security keys, the company is looking forward to adding better solutions for customers.

According to Microsoft, the password-less usage in Azure Active Directory has gone up by 50%.

The number of users using Windows Hello to sign in to Windows 10 devices instead of using passwords grew to 84.7% from 69.4%.

In the same year, the company has revealed some brand new information as well.

FIDO2 is one of the most critical parts of the company’s new password-less future. Microsoft and its whole team have always focused on this for their customers.

It is worth adding, besides Apple and other devices. The iPhone maker has appealed to its customers to use their Touch ID.

Along with face recognition, the Apple ID login system is a relentless technique that the company has focused on.

Microsoft has readily introduced Azure Active Directory to using FIDO2 security keys. The company has said that both of the technologies work in a hybrid environment.

The company is surely trying to bring the password less technology to more transition this year and to its users and people who use the company’s gadgets.


Image courtesy of Worawee Meepian/Shutterstock

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