Microsoft to sample Xbox Series X gameplay on May 7

An event will be held next week showing the games running on the upcoming Xbox Series X for the first time ever.

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be holding an event on May 7 at 8a.m. Pacific time or 1:00a.m. ACT. The Xbox Series X gameplay will debut on next week’s episode of Inside Xbox, in a livestream video presentation.

This means Microsoft will most likely share the livestream link on its Twitter account and will simultaneously air on their Twitch and Youtube channels. The company has shown a decent amount of details about the next generation console. Everyone already knows how the controllers and main console looks like as well as a glance at its specs.

However, fans still haven’t seen games running on the console especially now that we know that huge titles such as Halo: Infinite and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla are coming to the system.

Gameplay debut

Fans can only guess on which games Microsoft will feature on the Xbox Series X’s first gameplay debut. However, the timing of the event was perfectly timed at the official trailer release of the new Assassin’s Creed game which obviously featured a lot of Xbox branding.

Fans have already been gifted with an early look at Gears 5 taking advantage of the new console’s enhanced performance. However, looking at upcoming games purposely built for the Xbox Series X could feature a more jaw breaking sneak peek.

According to Microsoft, they are trying hard to release the new console as scheduled later this year despite the quarantine effects of COVID-19 on both the logistics and manufacturing industry.

Everyone is still waiting on for the exact release date of the Xbox Series X, though with enough gameplay footage next week, fans can only hope that they won’t need to wait that much longer.

Expect new announcements

The event will put the Xbox Series X ahead of the PlayStation 5 since Sony still has to show the actual console yet, let alone actual gameplay footage. Microsoft has promise to feature multiple upcoming games during the event, so fans should expect to see a few more event-related announcements before the event.

Usually, Microsoft presents trailers and reveals at the annual E3 convention held each June in Los Angeles. However, because of the coronavirus scare, the event has been cancelled. This upcoming Xbox Series X digital event will probably be the substitute for Microsoft.

Featured image courtesy of Cnet/Website Screenshot

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