Microsoft turns a meme into reality with an Xbox Series X-themed fridge

An Xbox Series X-themed refrigerator

Starting off as a prank which sees the Xbox Series X’s physical design likened to a refrigerator following its initial reveal back in 2019, Microsoft is making the joke a reality. Better yet, a lucky participant can win one as the company rolls out a campaign for the next-gen console’s marketing.

The Xbox Series X refrigerator is indeed a thing. Microsoft even put an effort to come up with a trailer displaying the entire thing. In a brief video, the company posted a tweet to demonstrate how a meme can turn into a reality.

Essentially an unboxing of a seemingly gargantuan Xbox Series X, it shows the uniquely-looking fridge from the inside-out. Painted in all black, the outset undeniably attributes itself to the next-gen console with the presence of a glowing X logo.

Aside from being able to keep foods and drinks cool, the cooler also comes with other amenities. One is a sound that plays whenever the fridge’s door is opened, giving semblance to the console’s acoustic. A cool and quirky feature is not seen in a product of its kind. Another is green lighting that illuminates the inside of the giant ice chest and renders unique visibility to everything inside.

A giveaway promo

More than just a showcase of the joke-turned-real product, the Twitter post also coincides with an announcement for a giveaway.

The mechanics are actually pretty simple. Eager participants would only need to follow Xbox’s official Twitter account and retweet the post with the hashtag, #XSXFridgeSweeps.

Lucky few

While the product per se will not be made available commercially, there are already a handful of people who owns one. That includes Snoop Dogg who was a recipient of an Xbox Series X-looking cold storage box for his birthday.

It might seem gimmicky, but running a campaign of this nature has its perceived effects. Everyone is sure to go gaga over it.

For a product that is designed especially for marketing purposes, its availability is literally inexistent. If you were not in the list of personas that acquired the product from Microsoft, chances are you will never truly ever get one.

This, thus, makes the chance of joining the promotional giveaway more imperative, especially to those who are dying to experience the cold from a console-looking fridge. One that starkly contrasts the criticism that points it to the complete opposite.

Anyone who wants to become part of a small list of people who has an Xbox Series X for a fridge can do so by joining the event until Nov. 4, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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