Microsoft updates Android Launcher with dark mode & more

The Microsoft Launcher update gives you more control of your screen with added features.

What to expect with Version 6 of Launcher?

Microsoft has unveiled its latest update to its Launcher App for Android, which is expected to be a major overhaul of the features and interface of the app through Android devices. Microsoft Launcher’s Version 6 provides a makeover aesthetic both for its visuals and its functionality. Many tech experts say it is a primer for the forthcoming Duo-dual screen device, which is expected to be released later this year.

Microsoft Launcher version 6 features a better app icon. Users can now customize their icon according to what their preference is. An additional feature is the overhaul of hundreds of app icons that are suited to Microsoft Windows 10 for both Android and iOS. Another cool feature is the dark mode on screen, making it more eye relaxing and minimizing eye strains on bright screens. Fresh wallpapers are also up in the latest update brought to you by Bing that includes new and daily wallpapers. Lastly, it can work on a landscape orientation.

Microsoft updates Android Launcher with dark mode and more

The updated version of Launcher has a new codebase that makes the app more convenient and easy to use. It also loads faster and uses less memory, making it more battery friendly. Microsoft Launcher is applicable for Android 7.0 or higher version. Since the launch of Arrow Launcher in 2015, Microsoft has been actively playing Launcher for Android updates. Some tech experts say that these improvements are a sneak preview of what we could expect from the Duo-dual screen device with improvements in functionality.

For the latest Microsoft Launcher (version 6), you must download the Launcher as this will replace the old one. This will not replicate the user’s PC home screen on android phone. Users are urged to purchase or download apps from Google Play.

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To summarize on what the improvements are, here are the updates  made to Microsoft Launcher version 6:

  • New Feed Aesthetic
  • Landscape Orientation Support
  • Daily and Fresh Wallpapers from Bing
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Improved Performance with less memory
  • Battery Friendly
  • Folders for App Drawer Organization
  • Lock Screen New Feature: Double Tap
  • App Search Enhancement
  • Bugs and crashes fixes

There is more to look forward to with the improvements in Microsoft Launcher for Android as this is part of a fresh Windows 10 build 20170 sneak peek. As the years go by, expect more of this improvement on Windows 10 that gives you the power to control more of the Launcher. There is more work to be done at Microsoft as they prepare for these updates in the future.

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