Microsoft will introduce the futuristic surface plans

Some leaked documents of Microsoft suggest that it will introduce futuristic surface plans. It will remove the surface pen for future technologies.

Recently, Microsoft has been patenting a title, stylus for zero force activation. In the patenting documents, Microsoft is accepting to improve the surface pen ability. According to Microsoft, they want to enhance the surface pen more.

In addition to this, the company is looking forward to upgrading the surface pen’s vibrating tip.

They want the pen to switch to inking mode automatically. They will also decrease the motion of the shaft.

About that, the surface concept design is to revolutionize hybrid devices. Microsoft is upgrading the surface concept to make it more futuristic. The company is looking forward to eradicating the surface pen.

Microsoft Surface line

In 2017, Microsoft came out with the new concept, the surface line. The hybrid devices by Microsoft were starting to make an impact on society.

The Tech geeks word is finding the idea a bittersweet combination of what they did not have and what they will have soon enough.

After that, the company started creating much bigger surface devices. The surface vision 2022 was the main goal of the company.

They will create a technology that will include bendable displays, hybrid designs, high-end processing power, and more.

In addition to that, the Microsoft Surface vision 2022 includes a range of device which has many features. These features include a smart surface pen with a big trackpad.

Also, so the devices are incredibly slim. It consists of USB C ports and two panels that make up a device connected to a big bendable screen.

The elimination of surface pen

The elimination of surface pen will mean that the technology will be smart enough to track the user’s finger movement on any surface.

The current documents suggest that they will make a more intelligent surface pen than it is now.

Currently, Microsoft’s Surface vision has created a Surface Pro 2 in 1, a detachable keyboard.

This insurance a hassle-free tablet experience. Right now, the surface pen has two modes of use. In the first mode, the user can use the surface pen as a stylus.

The users can also use this surface pen as an artistic drawing pen. When Microsoft eradicates the surface pen, it is expected that the user will use their finger as a stylus.

In conclusion, the Microsoft Surface vision 2022 is the hope of technological advancement. Not only this, but the technogeeks are looking forward to the surface vision 2022.

Right now, Microsoft has only admitted about the up-gradation of the surface pen.

Image courtesy of charnsitr/Shutterstock

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