Microsoft will push Xbox Game Pass on iOS, keep Zenimax standing


The Xbox Game Pass is a monumental creation for Microsoft, and they’re not stopping. The company says they’ll still try to push it on the iOS.

Microsoft’s commitment to bring the Xbox Game Pass to everyone is unstoppable. Despite Apple fighting back, the tech giant wants to connect with the iOS audience. Microsoft is also looking to have its recent acquisition of Zenimax stand for now.

Xbox head says Microsoft will continue the conversations

In an interview with CNBC, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer received hard-hitting questions. Jon Fortt of Squawk Alley tried to grill him regarding disputes on how Apple operates. In particular, they asked about the 30% cut the platform asks.

The host also asked Spencer what’s the difference about this versus the cut done by consoles. This obvious allusion is a test to call on the so-called “hypocrisy” within the industry.

Spencer evaded the latter but reiterated the purpose of mobile phones. In general, he notes that smartphones are devices that should be open to various gaming services.

“When you get large-scale general compute platforms like mobile phones, people should have access to the great services that are out there, and we remain committed to that,” Spencer noted.

“There are over three billion people who play video games today. Many of them play on phones, and we’re committed to bringing Game Pass out there to all mobile phones, including Apple phones. We’ll continue the conversations, and I’m sure we’ll be able to get to some resolution.”

When pressed further to clarify the difference, Spencer denied that it’s a “financial issue.” He notes that cloud streaming apps are “not allowed in the way that Game Pass is built for other platforms.”

Zenimax will stay independent from Microsoft

So far, Spencer is right on the money when it comes to iOS. Apple has a heavy stranglehold on its marketplace, especially against game streaming services. So far, they offered some of the most arcane rulings in their Terms of Service (TOS).

Microsoft tested their xCloud streaming as part of their Xbox Game Pass on iOS. The company immediately stopped testing after Apple’s restrictions on it. Apple noted that they were only allowed to try one title with 10,000 beta testers.

Apple softened a little, saying it will allow streaming as long as it works as a catalog service only. These rules were still medieval, and with xCloud and Stadia having no choice but to get out. Microsoft even filed a statement of support for Epic against Apple.

The interview also touched upon Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax for US$7.5 billion. Spencer promised they would honor any exclusivity agreements before the buyout. They also noted they wouldn’t interfere with Zenimax Media.

“Our plan is to leave it alone. ZeniMax has a great track record in terms of making great games. Our goal is to make ZeniMax the best ZeniMax they can be, working individually with their studios on the great platform technology that we have, getting their creators’ feedback into the things that we need to go build.”

The Xbox Game Pass is gaining steam, with 15 million subscribers worldwide. Microsoft is looking to acquire more game studios in the months to come.

Featured image courtesy of Xbox/Youtube Screenshot

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