Microsoft’s Phil Spencer take on Xbox’s new approach to gaming

“The console wars are over,” says Phil Spencer. The executive management says they are really happy with the new approach of next-gen gaming.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer speaks about the new idea of gaming and how the next generation of gaming will be different.

As a technique, a modern era of consoles, with Sony passing the baton from the PS4 to the PS5, and Microsoft succeeding the Xbox One with the Xbox collection X and collection S, Microsoft vice-president of gaming Phil Spencer insists that the paradigm to study this console generation is via how many human beings are playing video games, not a head-to-head comparison of console income.

The new idea for gaming has come to new stops

“We all think that the idea of new or next-generation gaming lies in the platform we are playing in. Microsoft has always been a name for providing convenience to players.”

“I think we are always working hard and doing our best to help players get the best device on where they can game. The idea is to take a peek into the next generation and idea of gaming since it is an approach to the players so that they can do better.”

Spencer recollects how Microsoft has always helped build a better scenario for everyone.

That might be clean to say, of the path, given that Sony has outsold Microsoft in each era, in case you are strictly looking at console sales numbers.

Spencer reiterates that even though the console is a chunk of the pie, he does not forget it as a chief measure of success for the agency.

“We really need to think about the type and the number of people on the platform. We have to take a proper idea of how to incorporate the players and bring a level of comfort. The approach we have built is going to be really amazing that can help us as a company to grow and the players to get what they want.”

The idea is games for all

Spencer believes that Microsoft Game Pass or what he claims as the “Netflix for video games” idea is simply one instance of many enterprise fashions that could work with the online game space.

The idea and the viewpoint are all on the narrative and how the journey will be like for the consoles. It marks for the players and every state as the root of competition is long, and the desire to be on top is the same.


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