MiHoYo’s plans for ‘Genshin Impact’ laid bare, no Xbox ports meanwhile

Genshin Impact trailer snapshot

Despite an initial controversial reception during development, Genshin Impact proved a successful launch when it became widely-received across all platforms. In order to continue on this achievement, MiHoYo has already planned in mind how to approach the game’s ongoing progress moving forward.

In an interview with IGN Japan, MiHoYo openly admits how the launch of the game is but just the “first step” towards a grander goal over the game.

“[…] the current version is only a portion of the content […] We will continue developing even more content and gameplay while also releasing updates and optimizations. So, the product that goes online isn’t the ‘final version’, but rather the ‘first step’.”

An ongoing project

Right off the bat, it’s quite clear how the game company sees Genshin Impact as a live service game. One with a very lucrative potential, considering the game’s alluring and addicting gameplay.

As for the additional contents themselves, it’s already evident that MiHoYo is pertaining to the extension of the roster of playable characters. In addition, other expansions to the game like a broader map, new side-quests, and missions are as likely, too.

At its current state, the game offers only two major cities (Liyue and Mondstadt) and a selection of over 20 unique playable characters. Elements of the game which will be occupying players’ attention for some time to come until the game’s first major patch arrives.

Community participation

Although the end decision ultimately boils down to the developer’s discretion, MiHoYo seems to prefer to involve the community in how to develop the game further. For this reason, community feedback will play a pivotal role in the future becoming of Genshin Impact—for better or worse.

As the game is finally within the players’ hands, for MiHoYo, the “real work” is just beginning. Which, if anything, could be an inference to a bigger and broader scope over the project, all while pleasing the gaming community.

Next-Gen port, but no Xbox

As it appears, part of the grander goal is not only to improve the game according to its present position as a current-gen console title. MiHoYo seems to be keen on bringing the game to the next-gen console as well, which could mean drastic improvements than how it’s currently presented by tapping on newer hardware capabilities.

However, if there is one thing that the company is not considering at the moment for its brainchild, it’s that of porting it to Xbox. For some unknown reason, MiHoYo is not too fond of bringing their game to Microsoft’s console. Best guess points to an exclusivity deal with Sony or the Xbox’s relatively poor sales in some Asian markets.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/Youtube Screenshot

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