Mike Tyson and Busta Rhymes might buy crypto soon 

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson and hip-hop star Busta Rhymes might soon jump into the crypto bandwagon. 

This speculation spread throughout social media when Mike Tyson asked his fans about the best crypto to buy through a tweet.

Busta Rhymes, for his part, started asking about genuine sources of information about cryptocurrency. 

Boxing his way to crypto

Tyson has asked his 5.6 million Twitter followers whether they prefer Bitcoin or Ethereum. As expected, thousands immediately responded to his tweet and expressed their varying opinions. 

There are fans who encouraged him to stay away from the crypto sphere because of its volatile nature that could wipe out his fortunes. But some have encouraged him to try both BTC and ETH to maximize his chances of earning big from his crypto investment. 

MicroStrategy chief executive officer Michale Saylor also responded to Tyson’s tweet and even offered him educational resources to boost his knowledge about cryptocurrencies. 

Rhymes getting onboard

Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor George Smith Jr, has also asked his 4 million Twitter followers about their thoughts on cryptocurrencies. 

His tweet has immediately started an active discussion on the nature, potential, and trajectory of cryptos. The thread revolved around Bitcoin, Elon Musk, Dogecoin, and other big names in the crypto world, and Rhymes admitted that he is loving the energy in this kind of discussion. 

Rhymes is a rapper, songwriter, producer, and actor, and with his newfound enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies, being a crypto investor might be the next venture he would take. 

Both Tyson and Rhymes made a promise that they will start tweeting about educational content on cryptocurrencies to help spread genuine crypto facts to the masses. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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