Mila Kunis banned husband Ashton Kutcher from drinking rumor debunked

Mila Kunis banned husband Ashton Kutcher from drinking rumor debunked

Mila Kunis allegedly banned her husband Ashton Kutcher from drinking, but there is no truth to it.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been together for a couple of years together. They also share two kids, daughter Wyatt and Dimitri, 6, and son Dmitri Portwood, 3. Despite living a quiet life, their marriage and relationship have been a constant favorite by tabloids.

Mila Kunis doesn’t allow Ashton Kutcher to drink rumors

A year ago, National Enquirer published a report claiming that Ashton Kutcher was “pounding ten beers while watching football replays on TV in the middle of the week.” The incident reportedly happened after his ex-wife Demi Moore released her memoir Inside Out, which didn’t portray Kutcher in a positive light.

Kunis was reportedly not happy seeing her husband that way, and she gave him an ultimatum. She allegedly told Kutcher to “quit [drinking] or else.” Her statement allegedly meant that Kutcher couldn’t drink even at home.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop refuted the report for several reasons.

First, the memoir hadn’t affected Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s relationship, so implying that he drank for it wasn’t true.

Second, the rumor-debunking site reached out to Kunis’ spokesperson, who denied it.

Apparently, Kunis did not ban Kutcher from drinking, and it was probably a way to capitalize on Moore’s memoir.

Also, the outlet has a reputation for publishing false reports about the couple. It’s also not the first time Kutcher and Kunis were rumored to be heading south.

Forme reports claimed they already split and were getting a divorce. Another outlet claimed they were trapped in a bad marriage. But none of those reports was true.

Did Kunis and Kutcher quit drinking?

Contrary to the report, neither Mila Kunis nor Ashton Kutcher quit drinking. The couple even launched their own line of wine called Quarantine Wine. The pair plans to donate all the profits to COVID-19 related charities.

Kutcher shared a clip on Twitter about their new wine. They did a toast, and Kutcher took a sip on his glass with Kunis joking, “You can’t drink.”

“Well, I had to drink. I didn’t drink, I got it in my lips,” he explained while they laughed about it together.

Also, Kunis is unlikely to stop her husband from drinking. In the clip, they were testing flavors out, and Kunis was clearly joking about Kutcher not supposed to be drinking.

Also, the Bad Moms star is the public face of Jim Beam for years. She has no ill feelings or vendetta against alcohol. And there is still booze at home.


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