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Miley Cyrus accused of using Cody Simpson breakup for publicity


Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are not together anymore, and now the former is accused of using this breakup for publicity.

Miley Cyrus recently confirmed her split from the Australian singer and, allegedly, she took advantage of the situation to promote her new song. In short, people are saying that her habit of breaking up with her partners is just a publicity stunt.

Breaking hearts for the promotion of new songs?

In Australia’s Woman’s Day article titled “Miley Cashes In on Another Breakup,” it was said that Miley Cyrus is known to express her secret feelings through her songs.

So when she released her new song after splitting from Simpson, the magazine claimed this is a habit for her.

She and Liam Hemsworth parted ways in August last year, and not long after her divorce, she released Slide Away. Fans are convinced the songstress sang about her heartbreak, and obviously, her lyrics have reference to her ex-husband.

It was suggested the single gained a lot of attention since her divorce is still fresh at that time. Miley Cyrus also broke up with Simpson early this month then she released Midnight Sky on Aug. 14.

This timing made people think that there could be truths in the claims that she’s using her heartbreak for publicity. The release, allegedly, upset Cody Simpson too because he felt used.

“Cody is pretty damn angry,” the source supposedly told WD. “He feels like the whole thing was a walking, talking and singing publicity stunt although he got a career boost out of it too.”

A long time pal of Miley Cyrus seemed to have confirmed the allegation. It was claimed that this friend told the magazine, the former Disney star always treated people around her as “material for her art.”

Debunking the report

When Miley Cyrus confirmed that she and Cody Simpson had parted ways, she said their separation was amicable. She added that there was no drama, and they are still friends.

And while the timing of their split and the release of her new song may look suspicious, Gossip Cop stated that it is ridiculous to claim it was a publicity stunt.

This means the story is false, and this was confirmed when the publication spoke with Miley Cyrus rep, who denied the allegation.

Finally, Gossip Cop wrote that Woman’s Day is not a reliable source. It already published many stories about Miley Cyrus, and these were all proven incorrect.

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