Miley Cyrus accuses MTV VMAs director of sexist comment

Hollywood singer Miley Cyrus accuses the director of MTV VMAs of being sexist towards her when she requested for specific lighting.

During Miley Cyrus’ conversation with Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Podcast, she shared her experience of facing a sexist comment by the director of the MTV VMAs. As reported by Wion news, she wanted a particular kind of light.

Miley Cyrus’ request was not granted

Miley Cyrus demanded to get all the lights switched off and the room’s lighting to be focused on her during the performance, so there should be no beauty lights or key lights. But the “beauty” lights, which are always used on women, were not shut off, to which she said that they would never tell Adam Levine or Travis Scott that they could not turn the beauty lights off.

Following this, the MTV VMAs crew said that they would do what they did with the guys, and when her bracelets kept getting caught somewhere, she quoted that crew said they would not deal with this if a guy were doing this.
This entire incident was during the moment when she was riding the massive disco ball, just like she did in her iconic music video, Wrecking Ball.

Her answer to the VMAs crew was that a guy wouldn’t sell their show with sex like she’s doing, and even though it’s an embarrassing and ridiculous situation, she was aware of it.

Miley tries to find a balance between being kind but firm

The VMA’s is a world-famous show highlighting and celebrating pop culture, and Miley, as she said to Rogan, only wanted to bring that to the people at this time of the COVID-19, together with escapism, good old pop culture.

With the sexism incident she went through, she also added that her voice had changed a lot after the California fire in 2018, almost as if it unleashed something. Losing her home to the fire made her look at things differently and sing better, quoted the Midnight Sky singer.

Cyrus also says that she is kind but doesn’t let anybody treat her like a doormat.
“You might presume someone [to say] ‘She was a diva, she was a b***h,’ but have The Weeknd come and say the same thing or Kanye, and it’s like, why am I not getting that I’m a creative mastermind, but I’m becoming a b***h?” she asked, as per Independent.

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