Miley Cyrus allegedly became possessed by demons last year: Debunked

Miley Cyrus allegedly became possessed by demons last year: Debunked

Miley Cyrus made headline last year amid a tabloid’s claim that she was being possessed by demons.

According to National Enquirer, Miley Cyrus was engaging in questionable behavior last year due to the devil’s work. A source told the tabloid the singer’s family is worried about her.

“There’s a buzz that she’s been taken over by some terrible force that causes her to self-destruct. There have been these conspiracy theories floating about in the past, some of which have had more substance than others,” the source said.

Miley Cyrus causing worry for her family

The tabloid quoted Billy Ray Cyrus as saying that somewhere along the journey, his and his daughter’s faiths were shaken.

And since the Cyrus family is very religious, the tabloid thought that the singer’s questionable ways were influenced by witchcraft and devil worship.

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth split rumors 

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth split rumors

And what Cyrus rumor would be complete without mentioning Liam Hemsworth.

“Everybody around Miley believes that leaving Liam was the worst thing she could have done. Her family is very religious and they think she may have been influenced by her fascination with witchcraft and the devil,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims last year and they did the same thing this week. They, reportedly, spoke to a rep for the singer and were told that the tabloid’s claims are absurd.

The rumor-debunking site also took Billy Ray’s statements from 2011 out of context.

Gossip Cop also said that Cyrus’ questionable antics aren’t necessarily new. In fact, she continues to engage in them this year. But this doesn’t mean that she’s being possessed by the devil.

A few months after the rumors were published, Miley Cyrus posed for a photo with her entire family and she seemed to be doing fine. If she and her family aren’t on good terms, it would have already made headlines.

The singer’s alleged relapse

Meanwhile, there have also been several other rumors about Cyrus from National Enquirer. The tabloid previously claimed that Cyrus’ drug use had placed her in jeopardy.

Back then, Cryus and Hemsworth were still together. And the source claimed that the actor was furious after he learned that the singer relapsed again.

“He has threatened to call off the wedding if she doesn’t get her act straightened out. Liam is beyond frustrated and angry her own mom is leading Miley down the wrong path,” the source said.

However, none of these claims about Miley Cyrus are true.

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