Miley Cyrus allegedly looking for love after Liam Hemsworth, Cody Simpson split


Miley Cyrus is, allegedly, ready to find love after her split from Liam Hemsworth and Cody Simpson.

WHO magazine published a story on Miley Cyrus that has a misleading headline.

“My great new love,” the headline read.

This suggests that Cyrus is ready for love after her highly-publicized split from her exes.

Miley Cyrus is not looking for a rebound

However, the article isn’t necessarily about the singer finding love again. Rather, it’s about Cyrus falling in love with music.

While at the Bottle Rock Napa Valley Festival, Cyrus performed the song “Jolene.” But before doing so, she explained why the track is so close to her heart.

“This song, to me, relates to the changes that I’ve been experiencing in my life and the things I’ve lost. I had a theory I would die if I didn’t have a partner. If I didn’t have someone to kiss me every single night. But then this was my purpose, but this was taken from me during COVID, so then I found a new purpose and that’s music which is the glue over the past two years and it was what was keeping us strong. I’m just so fortunate to call myself a musician, and I never want that to be removed from my life because it’s what fuels me,” she said.

Miley Cyrus still single after her split from Cody Simpson

Even Cyrus’s statement at the festival proves that she’s not in a rush to find love again. In fact, the singer has been single since her split from Simpson last year.

Months after their split, Simpson opened up about his relationship with Miley Cyrus. He also told 60 Minutes Australia that he and Cyrus ended things amicably.

“I’d known her for a long time at that point, not like a mentor but always a very hyper-creative person. We went from being good friends to just having a lot of the same friends, to being together for a while. Everything ended fairly amicably, and it was just one of those phases, I guess. You go through [it] and you learn a lot from it,” the source said.

Miley Cyrus also confirmed their split via a post on Instagram. She said that two halves can’t make a whole and that she and Simpson are working on themselves individually.

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