Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Cody Simpson cheating with brown-haired woman: Rumor

Miley Cyrus' boyfriend Cody Simpson cheating with brown-haired woman: Rumor

Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend, Cody Simpson is allegedly cheating on the Malibu singer after he was spotted with another woman.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have been dating for several months already. However, there are rumors that their relationship is on the rocks after he was spotted with a brown-haired woman.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson’s relationship on the rocks

Woman’s Day published a report claiming that Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend was not faithful to her after he was spotted eating lunch with another woman. The outlet suggested that the woman was an “old flame.” However, she was neither Gigi Hadid nor Sierra Swartz, who were Simpson’s known exes.

Simpson and the woman seemed to share a friendly hug, and the outlet took it to another level by reporting that the two were “super cuddly and seemed together.”

“I haven’t heard if there’s any trouble between Miley and Cody,” the dubious source continued and hoped that Cyrus was “okay.”

Cheating rumor debunked

However, one should take the report with a grain of salt. According to Gossip Cop, the outlet failed to identify the woman, so it wasn’t sure if she was an “old flame.”

Also, the outlet noted that Cody Simpson just got lunch with a woman. However, the outlet immediately assumed that he was cheating.

Furthermore, contrary to what the report claim, Simpson and Cyrus’ relationship is doing great. In fact, on Saturday, Simpson shared a snap of them snuggling up together in the car.

“In love with my best friend,” he wrote on his Instagram Story, Elle reported.

Cody has always loved Miley

In an interview with Fuse, Cody Simpson shared that he has always liked his girlfriend. In fact, Miley Cyrus was his childhood celebrity crush.

“Miley Cyrus has always been my childhood celebrity crush. I knew all the words to her songs. I’m not going to lie. I’m not ashamed about it at all,” Simpson said.

“I was a big Miley Cyrus fan. I think she will be forever the most dateable Disney star.”

In another interview, Simpson shared some details about their relationship. According to him, they get along so well.

“We get along super well. She’s the chillest — she’s the coolest girl I’ve ever met here in LA. She doesn’t have insecurities or stuff like that. She just rolls around riding a three-wheeler motor bike. She’s so sick,” he said.

“It’s cool to see her have such a relaxed approach and that inspires me to not care as much.”

Imaged used courtesy of Miley Cyrus/YouTube Screenshot

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