Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson split may not be ‘final’ yet

It has been more than a month since Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson called it quits, but it may not be final yet.

Miley Cyrus surprised everyone when she announced her split from Cody Simpson after ten months of dating. However, the former pair remained amicable, and there’s “no bad blood” between the two.

Simpson, Cyrus’ amicable relationship

A source close to Simpson revealed how the Australian singer had been doing a month after their breakup.

“They have kept in touch since splitting,” a source told HollywoodLife. 

The two had handled their breakup very well, in a mature manner, keeping them on excellent terms.

The 23-year-old songwriter also reached out to his ex-girlfriend when Loretta ‘Mammie’ Finley, Cyrus’ maternal grandmother, died.

A second insider added the two would be “forever friends.”

“Cody loves Miley,” the tipster confessed. “He has a piece of her heart constantly. They are forever friends and forever connected.”

Compared to Cyrus’s romance with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, her split from Simpson might not be “final” yet.

“They are still happy with each other,” the tipster continued. “They will continue to talk to each other and hang out again.”

The former couple would continuously have each other’s back, and Simpson would always be there for Cyrus whenever she needed him.

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The one thing that made Miley Cyrus attracted for Simpson

For Simpson, Cyrus would always be attractive.

“Cody thinks Miley looks fantastic as always,” the insider revealed. “But that’s nothing new because he’s always thought she looks phenomenal.”

But despite her stunning beauty, it wasn’t what made Cyrus attracted for Simpson.

“One of the things that attracted him so much to her was her confidence and the way she carried herself,” the source explained. “To him, that’s what made her even sexier than just her looks and that didn’t go away just because they broke up.”

Simpson is never bitter about their split at all, Celebrity Insider noted. He strongly believes Cyrus is the “greatest and he wants nothing but the best for her.”

Cyrus, Simpson continuously work hard, although separate

Like Cyrus, who is working hard at the gym, Simpson also pushes himself to work out hard.

“Miley isn’t the only one training hard,” the source disclosed. “Working out is something they used to do together daily, so he’s really happy that they’re both staying on track.”

Despite their breakup, Cody Simpson is happy to see Miley Cyrus feeling herself.

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