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Miley Cyrus reportedly heading to rehab over Liam Hemsworth’s baby news


Cody Simpson is, allegedly, contemplating about sending Miley Cyrus to a rehab center after her behavior changed.

Allegedly, the songstress may end up in the facility after she freaked out when Liam Hemsworth’s baby news reached her. Liam was rumored to have gotten Gabriella Brooks pregnant and Miley Cyrus saw photos of the model’s baby bump.

How Miley Cyrus reacted to Gabriella’s reported pregnancy

According to NW magazine, the Don’t Call Me Angel singer saw pictures of Liam and Gabriella while they were surfing in Australia. It was claimed that in one of the photos, the latter was patting her belly and she was devastated.

“Miley lost it over those pics,” a so-called source supposedly told NW. “She thought she was owning this break-up and truly believed this new chick was just a balm to help Liam get over her.”

The source added that Miley Cyrus was also shocked because she never imagined her ex-husband will have a child already.

“She never once considered that his feelings for Gabriella are real, let alone the fact that he’s now tied to her in a way he will never be tied to Miley,” the tipster said.

Cody Simpson reacts on girlfriend’s alleged meltdown

Her discovery about Lim was said to have triggered Miley’s anxiety attack and it was severe. It was reported that seeing her ex-husband with a new woman also caused her meltdown.

Her mental state is not good during the pandemic because of Liam and this made her change. Cody Simpson was, reportedly, shocked by the sudden changes in his girlfriend’s behavior so he may send Miley to rehab.

“The thought of Liam having a kid has sent Miley into an overdrive Cody’s never seen before,” the insider said. “He’s now monitoring her behavior and won’t hesitate to put her in rehab to get her professional help.”

Debunking the rumor on Miley’s possible rehab

Gossip Cop confidently stated that NW’s report is totally false. It pointed out that Gabriella Brook’s pregnancy with Liam Hemsworth’s baby is not even confirmed.

The model is also so slim and she has no baby bump as described in the report. Thus, there is no reason for Miley’s alleged breakdown. Also, the story is false as Cody Simpson has no power to send Miley Cyrus to rehab. Gossip Cop explained that only a legal guardian can have her admitted to a facility or by a court order.

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