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Miley Cyrus rumors: Liam Hemsworth, Cody Simpson allegedly got singer pregnant


Pregnancy rumors have been surrounding Miley Cyrus for years.

In fact, while Miley Cyrus was still with Liam Hemsworth, several tabloids claimed that they were expecting their first child together. When the former child star moved on with Cody Simpson, rumors also claimed that the couple was expecting a baby together.

Two months ago, OK! magazine claimed that the “Wrecking Ball” singer has stopped smoking weed because she’s pregnant with her first child.

The tabloid was unable to provide any supporting information that can confirm Cyrus’ pregnancy other than a curious post she uploaded on Instagram. Cyrus declared that she won’t be smoking. However, this doesn’t mean that she has stopped smoking weed because she’s pregnant.

Rather, Cyrus could have simply decided to stay sober. And just recently, she announced that she has been clean for the past six months.

Miley Cyrus allegedly told friends that she’s pregnant

Last year, Now to Love claimed that Cyrus told her friends that she’s pregnant and Hemsworth is the father. The tabloid uploaded a photo of Cyrus leaving the hospital and they quickly assumed that she was there for a pregnancy check-up.

Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their split in August of last year. But the tabloid’s pregnancy story was published a few months later. This proves that there’s no way Hemsworth could’ve gotten his ex-wife pregnant because they are no longer together.

Liam Hemsworth will allegedly accept Miley’s baby even if it’s not his

Still, an unnamed source told the tabloid that the exes might have still been intimate with each other post-split.

“Regardless of whether or not the baby’s his, Miley knows Liam will come running back to her if he believed it was. They had an open relationship towards the end, so in theory, it could be anyones. Who knows when she really started sleeping with Cody. But Miley has these sheer determination to have Liam linked with her for the rest of her life. She still loves him in a weird way,” the unnamed source said, as per Now to Love.

However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

Miley Cyrus allegedly tried to get revenge on Liam Hemsworth

Months later, Now to Love claimed that Cyrus agreed to get pregnant with Simpson’s baby to make Hemsworth jealous. The phony report was based on a photo of Cyrus with a bulging stomach.

“Miley knows the one thing that Liam really wanted when they got married was to start a family. She always pulled against him and was forever blabbing on about how she didn’t want to bring the kids into this [expletive] world,” the source said.

As of late, Cyrus has never given birth since she has never been pregnant.

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