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Miley Cyrus sticks out her tongue because of this ‘sad’, ‘relatable’ reason


Miley Cyrus has remained to be a “powerful force” in entertainment.

Gone are the days when Miley Cyrus resembles her Hannah Montana character. In recent years, the Slide Away singer has continued to change her image and branding.

Cheat Sheet said that she continues to earn “legions” of new fans over the years. She, also, reportedly, can “reinvent” herself, as well as her image, whenever she wants to. This is why she appears to have become a “powerful force” in the industry, the publication added.

Miley Cyrus is comfortable with herself

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has “weathered” several controversies. These range from her relationship to Liam Hemsworth to her shocking image reinvention. But, amid all these things, she is, reportedly, “comfortable” with herself.

In 2009, reports said that she caused “outrage” among viewers after dancing around a pole with almost nothing. But, she seemingly “shrugged off” the incident afterward.

In the succeeding years, videos of her smoking a bong went viral. Although her reps said that it was “salvia” and not pot, many conceded that she is no longer the “good-girl” persona that she used to be.

Her family smokes, too

Miley Cyrus has cut herself off from several vices, especially her “addictions,” according to The Blast. But, the songstress’ mother, reportedly, shared on record that the whole family “smokes.” She then noted that the habit helped them all to get along well.

Tish Cyrus continued and revealed that when her five kids always argue when they are all at home. But, when they all smoke, the arguing does not happen at all, she said.

A “deep dislike” for her smile

Aside from her shocking habits and revealing appearances, Miley Cyrus, also, has a habit of sticking out her tongue during red carpet poses and photo ops. Many speculated that she does it for “branding.” But, the Don’t Call Me Angel singer revealed that it has something to do with her “insecurities.”

Speaking on record, Cyrus, reportedly, shared that she feels “insecure” about her smile. She said that she feels “embarrassed” because she doesn’t know how to smile.

This embarrassment and insecurity have since led her always to do her signature tongue-out poses. “I don’t know what else to do,” Cyrus added.

Reports said that her insecurities about her physical features make her more “relatable” to her fans. Despite her confidence and comfortability, Miley Cyrus, reportedly, has similar struggles like most of her fans.

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