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Millie Bobby Brown deemed great addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe


Millie Bobby Brown is not joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Millie Bobby Brown is getting a lot of attention lately following the success of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Amid the pandemic crisis, several netizens reportedly made their own “roster” in their “dream cast” for future Marvel films. One of the names that have since stood out is Brown’s.

It reportedly made sense, though, considering her role as Eleven in the Netflix sci-fi horror series. Fans now deem her as the perfect actress to play the role of Kitty Pryde if and when mutants join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to Cheat Sheet.

Who is Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is the mutant who can walk through walls. She also reportedly has the ability to phase, which makes herself “intangible,” so are the people she contacted.

In the X-Men films, Ellen Page played the role but, she only made brief appearances until the latter installments. In her latest participation in the team, she had a huge role in the plot of X-Men: Days of Future Past. She was the one who helped Wolverine to travel back in time.

While Page’s acting went well, fans reportedly see Millie Bobby Brown as more fitting to the role. As noted, they want to see the young actress playing the mutant role in the future.

Mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In recent months, Marvel avid fans have repeatedly discussed the possibility of X-Men films joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The idea had become a lot more apparent when the third phase of the MCU concluded Avengers: Endgame.

Despite the fans’ hype and excitement, the same publication reported that this might not happen yet in the franchise. As noted, the “Marvel chief,” Kevin Peige, reportedly revealed that it would likely be a “long time” before the public sees X-Men mutants in the Marvel world.

So, the fans’ “dream roster” including Millie Bobby Brown for Kitty Pryde’s character remains to be a “dream” in recent times.

Millie Bobby Brown shut down Marvel rumors

Aside from playing the role of Kitty Pryde in a possible X-Men film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are also rumors about Millie Bobby Brown playing a role for the upcoming The Eternals. In an Instagram Live earlier this month, she shut down these rumors, according to the Independent.

She reportedly said that there are no “truths” to these reports. But, if she does have a role, she does not know about it yet.

The young actress then reportedly explained that she just wanted to let everybody know, so the rumors would stop. She, alongside her family, has no idea about it, Millie Bobby Brown clarified.

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