Min Min DLC, update 8.0 contents arrive in ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Min Min joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In a reveal that defied most expectations, Min Min is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s latest fighter and sees the launch in the game today. Coinciding ARMS debut in the franchise is the version 8.0 update that brings a slew of new content into the game.

The mismatching expectation comes from the previous rumors surrounding the persona who got invited to join smash from ARMS.

Min Min-themed Contents

As a tradition in the franchise, Min Min’s introduction in the smash arena is companied by a unique stage and music, setting a theme. The DLC character’s stage is called Spring Stadium and comes with 18 tracks coming directly from ARMS.

As a franchise known for a roster of characters that share similarity for having extended arms, Min Min is fittingly long reaching. Popularly depicted for having a pair of cannonball and “dragonhead” arms, this fighter has another in the form of a “short boomerang.”

Overall, Min Min has a small arsenal of arms to use that players can switch to on the fly.

Min Min’s entry in SSBU comes in fulfillment of the slated Fighters Pass Vol. 2 which players can avail for $30. Buying the whole volume grants players six new fighters, the rest of which remains in development.

Alternatively, those who would prefer to buy each new fighter individually may choose to do so for $6 per head.

Other Paid Contents

The ARMS fighter might be the highlight of the rollout, but there are also other accompanying features as well. Complementing Min Min’s fresh entry in the franchise are five new Mii costumes that players can wear and somehow imitate certain characters.

Specifically, they include ARMS’ Ninjara, Splatoon’s Marie and Callie, Tekken’s Heihachi, and Fallout’s Vault Boy. However, none of these costumes are free and are not necessarily included in the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Interested players may have to shell out $0.75 for each unique costume.

Free Update Contents

Update 8.0 is more than just to introduce the aforementioned DLC contents, however. It, too, comes with special contents on its own.

One notable aspect of the version 8.0 update is the introduction of the rematch option in the Spirit mode. The feature essentially lets players re-engage a spirit in the battle for the purpose of beating the previous score. Consequently, winning previous records grant the player additional Spirit Points as a reward.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers also get another freebie with the update. Players with an active subscription to NSO a free Spirit Board Challenge Pack that contain handy items for the Spirit Board mode.

Image used courtesy of Super Smash Bros./YouTube Screenshot

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