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Mindy Kaling nervous about ‘Legally Blonde 3’


Mindy Kaling gives a much-needed update on the scripting of the upcoming Legally Blonde 3 film.

The Office star, Mindy Kaling, was roped in by her friend, Reese Witherspoon, to script a sequel story for the 2001 hit film Legally Blonde.

While talking on the show Good Morning America, the actress shared her experience in writing the sequel. She described her initial nervousness when first given the role, but was eased thinking how it would be fun to write.

Kaling added that she’s working on the script along with her friend Dan Goor. The actress exclaimed that it would be a great film and excited to see what the viewers have to say.

Bend and Snap like the legal blonde

Kalin and Witherspoon first met while working on the film A Wrinkle of Time in 2018. They later stayed friends, and Kaling often quoted Witherspoon’s dialogs in Bend and Snap.

For the time being, Witherspoon revealed that she would love to revisit her iconic character. The matter led the veteran actress to ask Kaling if she would like to pen down the script. Having that said, the Wild star took to Twitter in May, saying she’s excited about Kaling and Dan Goor working on the sequel.

The adventure-fantasy film also stars Oprah Winfrey and Chris Pine. The three actresses later made an appearance on The Morning Show in 2019.

For starters, Kaling is known for her works as a writer, director, and actress in many films and TV shows. She also starred in the all-female film Oceans 8 in 2018.

Recently, she released a series of essay collections titled Nothing Like I Imagined (Except for Sometimes) on October 6. The books are released as audio collections, which she voiced herself.

Mimicking relationships and Christian traditions

The actress-writer also published a memoir titled Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, which gained a spot in the New York Times bestseller list.

The actress also has a close relationship with her B.J Novak. They first met while working for The Office show. For years, they mimicked their relationship, just like their characters on the show. Kaling later welcomed a baby girl named Katherine in 2017 to which Novak is the godfather.

While on the show, she also talked about the Christian tradition of having godparents to children. She stated that despite being a Hindu and B.J Novak as Jewish, she did not want to miss out on the great tradition, so she went ahead with it.

The former couple is very well-like and known for teasing and encouraging each other. On her recent essay collections, Novak took to Twitter to playfully tease her by saying:

How dare you keep getting better with everything you do?”

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