‘Minecraft’ 1.16 Nether update introduces new Crying Obsidian block

A new block called Crying Obsidian is the newest addition to Minecraft. The new block has a few interesting uses, but it isn’t easy to obtain.

Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in the world, even after years of support and updates. The most recent patch 1.16 introduces new features for players to collect and unlock, including the Crying Obsidian Block.

What is a Crying Obsidian?

A Crying Obsidian is a new decorative block in Minecraft which can be used to make respawn anchors. They look like purple blocks that produce a dripping animation as if it is “crying.”

The block can be added manually through custom modes. However, it will not appear in any multiplayer world unless the server has the same customization.

How to obtain a Crying Obsidian

Unfortunately, this block can’t be crafted, so players will need to grind and hunt to have one. It can only be generated naturally inside ruined portal buildings, just like a normal obsidian block.

Minecraft players can only get their hands on one by visiting Ruined Portals, searching chests in Bastion Remnants, and trading with a Piglin. Piglins have an 8.84% possibility of giving a player up to 3 Crying Obsidians when trading a gold ingot.

However, players must make sure that they are wearing any kind of gold armor. Piglins will become hostile and will only want to trade if a player has been clothed with gold.

Uses of a Crying Obsidian

The Crying Obsidian is a rare purple block that is created when water is placed on a lava source block. The rare item can only be farmed using a Netherite or diamond pickaxe.

Before the 1.16 update, it was only a glowing block that emits purple particles when installed. It was nothing more but a pretty and strong building block.

It gives off a level 10 light level, which can be used to brighten rooms and cultivate crops. In addition, it has similar durability to regular obsidian and will not be destroyed easily by enemies.

Now, the purple obsidian can be used to make Respawn Anchors inside the Nether. To create a Respawn Anchor, players will need 3 Glowstones and 6 Crying Obsidians.

Though they are related, a Crying Obsidian is not like any other regular Obsidian block because they can’t be used to create Nether Portals.

Featured image courtesy of Logdotzip/YouTube Screenshot

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