‘Minecraft’ Combat snapshot 7c revamps shields and potions


The Minecraft Combat update got a new test update with snapshot 7c. The snapshot is crazy, buffing shields, and allowing potion stacking inside the inventory.

The Minecraft Combat snapshot 7c revamps a ton of how combat works. While Snapshot 6 changed a lot from Snapshot 5, 7c overhauled the game in its entirety. The new update added adjustments to how auto-attacks work and a better combat mechanic.

Snapshot 7c changes shield effectiveness and potion stacking

For the longest time, Minecraft has one of the wonkiest combat systems anywhere. Many jump around and swing their weapons without rhyme or reason. Much of combat is praying that players hit their targets fast enough that they die quickly.


The devs at Mojang are changing parameters that revamp combat mechanics. In recent snapshots, the devs added auto-aiming to assist all players. They also changed bow accuracy, testing accuracy loss as players hold the shot.

In the last combat snapshot 6, the devs added interruption while players eat. They rolled that back, together with the attack indicator and accuracy loss. Snapshot 7c, however, gives out some of the biggest changes.

With snapshot 7c, they returned the standard 2.5 block reach distance. They also added back charged attacks and sweeping hits to only work with charged hits.

What’s crazy now is the power added to shields and potions. Shields now have 50% knockback resistance when active, adding to their defensive capabilities. Potions, except lingering and splash, stack to 16 inside the inventory.


Combat snapshot available only through the subreddit

For players who are looking to play a Minecraft Combat snapshot, it needs a bit of fiddling. It’s not available on the launcher but instead is available inside the Minecraft subreddit. It’s part of the official post from Jens “Jeb” Bergensten.

Installation instructions are in the official post, together with every adjustment made. The 7a and 7b snapshots are also unavailable, as those are versions used for internal testing.

Mojang dev Mikael “slicedlime” Hedberg also showed off the changes through an update video. Everything is chaos and havoc, but it made combat more viable and strategic. Visiting the Nether is now a must if anyone plans on winning anything on PvP.

Jeb is encouraging the community to test the snapshots and share the video. Testing with the community has become a crucial part of Mojang’s experiments. Mojang also gave away a link where players can give feedback to specific areas of the game.

For players looking to test the Minecraft Combat snapshot, it’s best to subscribe to the subreddit. They offer a ton of updates unavailable inside the official launcher.

Images courtesy of slicedlime/YouTube Screenshot

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